We call it Afiche or Cartel.
Usually it is known as a Poster.

So, this poster is Street. Latin America is Street. Created within each city, on its old cracked grey walls, structured on its own history full of sadness and inconformity. This Afiche is Street because it is a condensed message, a feeling transporter. Voices, shouting in silence, while the look of the quiet full of content tell us about progress and civilization.
Latin America is race and color, eclectic culture full of shades, racially mixed but with a pure, transparent and kind hearted personality protesting and being rebellious one day, insulting and demanding one another but always, always loving.

And is the Cartel on the urban history of Latin America the messenger, the carrier, witness of the struggle between those who has the power and those who claims it; trough text and message, vigilant letters, perpetual sleepwalker, smelling like ink and time becoming architecture itself, until again, the time, inclement and inexcusable transforms it in memory and poetry.

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