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The Gatumba Massacre

I am writing my first ever script, a short story for my survival life based on true event.
Twelve years ago, on Friday 13, 2004 around 10pm more than 160 people, half of them children, were shot, hacked, and burned to death at the Gatumba refugee camp in Burundi. We victims, Banyamulenge (The Congolese Tutsis) were under UNHCR protection, but the attackers came through and killed our beloved brothers and sisters. The non-Tutsi refugees were left in the camp unharmed.
The killers came in the night and hacked to death perfectly our innocent people who were already suffering because violent conflict in our country (Congo) had turned them into refugees. Many of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition.
The attackers poured petrol on the shacks in which we lived and set them on fire...

  • David S Manoa
    The survivor of the Gatumba Massacre
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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script, Other
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    United States
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  • San Diego, CA
    June 3, 2014
    Best short script
Writer - David S Manoa