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Road Trip **TotalAccess**

This is the "Road Trip" viewers will never forget and be telling their friends about for years. It takes you places you've never been before -- and see things you'll never see again ! This original footage was shot while I was employed as a Technical Advisor for the Kuwait Military and had total access throughout the entire region. At the time - Everything was shut down * The Boarders were closed, *l international telephone service abruptly ended - * Martial Law was declared as the country struggled to get back on it's feet... The Kuwait Military was setting up..random Military Check Points throughout the city in which they had authorization to use their own descrission...Just because they announce "The War is over **there's a lot of sorting out to do.
.Officially anything near the oil well fires as indesputably closed/off limits etc. And were specifically told us not to go there..but I wanted to go and Mark, a fast friend I made said he wanted to go too** So we went...it was a good time to head for the desert to document what the truth really was...Wow !! . As you'll see, the devistation was so bad....., it became our challenge, with Jerry Jeff Walker riding shot gun, singing his songs in the background ** to make our way as deep into the epicenter and video from as close as the heat would allow.. This was a o
totally out of control huge disaster.. Research reflects, there's very few real time records that that have survived, either of Time Magazines TOP TWO World's Worse Environmental Disaster selections..And the fewer of those filing are from inside as it's happening AND WHOEVER Filmed it isn't aound to tell about These records are so rare they qualify as the historical records of evidence.
.. There's a lot to see and experience as we video **From as Close as the Heat Would Allow** -- and go places no one had been before.....The last location, could be a different planet...Damn sure made an exciting "Road Trip"...It's up close and personal - The "Road Trip" viewers will always remember and be telling their friends about for years.The media never had access and goverments do keep secrets --We don't care if it was an "internationaliy Censored Environmental Disaster" * or not.. Today viewers can experience vaporized oil molucules saturating the air that coat your mouth and lungs with oil yuk !.. There wasn't enough oxygen to fuel all the fires, leaving the vaporized oil attaching to the CO2 molecules-- It was a **Death Cycle ! -- Hell had been Raised ** literally ... in front of our very eyes.....It Earned being Globally Recognized as the World's 3rd Worse Environmental Disaster since mankind begain keeping records... ..Watch this vast enviromental devastion...++
**- Please Understand**Theres no pretty birds, cattle or anything else alive where this "Road Trip" is going !! ... But those same reasons "there's no "more comprehensive footage recorded of real time from "inside" ANY OF THE Other Worlds Worst Enviromental Disasters. ***(Pictures from Space and Military flyovers don't count !! )*** Sound familiar ??? ) With only 30 minutes to play with, This video goes straight to work !! It starts fast and grows quickly ++ in 20 minutes --The "Day turns to Night !." ... Its literally "Hell on Earth". It's a full blown Death Cycle that's totally out of control.** when "Hells Raised" *literally* before your eyes --- Look Closer - ???. When "Hell Raised" anything's possible.. Theres 4 to 6 minutes within the epicenter, toward the end -- Anything could come out of the"Hell on Earth" as it's recorded --Look deeper into the oil vaporized atmosphere and the magnitude of it's Cycle of Death --- Then perhaps, you could understand what we really saw ** Thanks for Your Consideration !! Gary Easley Ex-Technical Advisor--

  • Gary Easley
  • Gary Easley
  • Gary Easley
  • Gary Easley
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  • Runtime:
    32 minutes 29 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 10, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    25,000 USD
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  • Shooting Format:
    8 mm
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  • None..ha
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