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A Time To Live

"...A story of two people choosing to step out in faith and go against everything they have ever known..."

When it seems that a group of five elusive retired musicians may get a second chance at stardom, a laundry list of complicated unfinished business will need to be addressed in order for this 'Second Chance' to happen. Two of the bands main members, brothers - have not spoken in years, and will need to reconcile their differences before anything can happen. The Outcasts, took the music world by storm decades ago, only to fade away from the music scene as quickly as they came.
The bands leader MIKE REIGER, now a middle aged professional has not spoken to his brother John, the other leader member of the band since their mom passed away years earlier. John, now a recovered alcoholic owns a construction business, and has only recently ‘cleaned up’ his life, yet has never told his wife and kids that he once was this famous wild music man back in the day.
On their heels is a young college girl, JESSICA REESE, who has had her own set of problems throughout her whole life. Raised by, and now taking care of her ungrateful grandmother since she was a baby, Jessica has spent most of her young life for some reason, obsessed with tracking this band down, and for possibly finding some reasoning to an unfair life that she has been dealt – far from perfect, and filled with rejection and disappointments.
See what ultimately happens when two people set off with their own set of expectations and requirements, yet eventually are softened, and in faith, choose to go against everything they have ever known, finally finding - A TIME TO LIVE.
Author: - Michael E. Stark © Milk & Kookies Publishing 2014.
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