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THE DESK is a feature film about four generations of the same family fighting your way to keep your own space.
Mark owns a small factory and is always busy. Dedicate more time to work than to his family. It has a cold relationship with his son, barely see his own father, and for many years did not visit his grandfather. Sofia, his wife, is a landscape architect who lives isolated in his work, a young girl very emotional.
The father of Mark is Peter, an unemployed 60-year-old man who can not outplacement and has a troubled relationship with his second wife Catherine, who is a middle-aged woman charged with pessimism.
But the family's grandfather is John, a widower of 82 years who lives with his son Peter and his wife Catherine. John is an active person administering the estate that keeps rented. It suffers from memory loss and urinary incontinence, and has a troubled relationship with the wife of his son.
Routine all becomes even more shaken when Peter decides to take his father John to live in a nursing home.
John suffers a lot for her son's attitude, but just not having the strength to change the decision.
Upon arriving at the asylum resentment John gets to be so much that he emphatically decides not to receive visits from anyone. Much less of his grandson Mark, who does not give him attention for many years.
Far more and more of his family life and the real meaning of his life, Mark begins to reflect on the values ​​that have been lost over time. Until Mark recalls the first time and after many years, the day of his childhood in his grandfather John bought for him a beautiful private wooden table, which made him wake up to the passion for the business world.
Living this intense rite of passage, the way that Mark is to rebuild the good relationship he had with his grandfather in the past, is precisely to rescue the old gift that won it in childhood, this this that is missing somewhere that Mark must figure out which It is. And then Mark decides for the first time, leave your company and go in search of the table that is lost to take her to her grandfather.
Mark then goes through many trials and find many people who do increasingly understand that the true paradise of your life is much closer to him than he could really think. In his intense search, Mark begins to become increasingly willing to overcome all possible and impossible odds to find the table and return to the old grandfather gift that changed the reason for his life. Mark travels to various cities, know different people, and each contact with the former owners of the table, collects transformative stories that gradually begin to give more meaning to his past: a man who was riding puzzle on the table; a lady who used the table in his restaurant; a young man who trained ping pong on it; an artist who drew taking it as a basis; and a beautiful girl who put an aquarium on it. What Mark could ever hope for, is that precisely this quest he would find the values ​​that were lost in your life. Does Mark still have time to rescue these lost values ​​and rebuild the relationship with your family?
MESA is a family drama about the reconquest of space that we have lost with time. A film that makes us think about the "price of things" and about the projects we do for our lives, and reflect on the challenges that we are willing to overcome to win back what we have lost and had vital importance for our personal journey .

  • Marcio Salem
  • Aquarela Produções
  • Bruno Torres
  • Salem Produções
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    A MESA
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Writer Biography - Marcio Salem

For more than 20 years as president and creative director of the agency / Film Producer Salem, Marcio Salem won major international awards in communications, "Echo", "Caples" and "Cannes Lions". Also won dozens of national awards that place today in the position of one of the most awarded creative and influential in the communications field throughout Latin America.
It was the first Brazilian sworn history in Cannes for the "Direct Lions".
In 2006, she made history by being the youngest professional to join the "Hall of Fame" in communication addressed in Brazil and voted one of the 5 best creative in the world ranking by the "Big Won Report" in this area.
In 2007, the first professional in Latin America to receive the award "Lester Wunderman Awards" in New York, one of the world's recognition for a professional creation.
In 2009, he was president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. And in 2012, again sworn in the special edition 60 years of the Festival.
In addition to its worldwide recognition in the field of creation and communication, Marcio Salem is also a film director, having directed 5 short films in 35mm, 11 mini-short, more than 40 videos, and of course his experience in creating market having driven approximately 120 commercials. His latest short, "Wind", was screened in over 40 festivals and awarded 25 national and international festivals, and has won the "Redentor Award" for Best Short Film at the "International Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro" in 2010.
Currently, Marcio continues to create campaigns for customers worldwide, directing advertising films, and your company Salem keeps winning awards.

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Writer Statement

THE DESK is a feature film project with approximately 110 minutes, to be filmed in the great capital of Sao Paulo.
The production has a composition of actors thoroughly studied and created from a conscious intention to form a main cast that contains not only the public by recognized artists, but mainly gather conceptual characteristics, personalities that have great connection with the art of cinema or theater. The film also focuses on young actors who already have a place in the audiovisual but worth being revisited, as they may turn out to be the main actors in the country in the near future. Besides the main cast already set, the project has a technical team of highly qualified professionals and renowned in the Brazilian audiovisual market.
The production of THE DESK is primarily characterized by reconstructions of art scenarios and creating props that transmit feeling of authenticity and originality to the work, they will be made of exquisite way the art director of the film, a professional who has signed over three hundred drawings of art and set design for film and especially for advertising, having been responsible for major campaigns.
In our art, a large asylum will be built by leasing intervention, and its outcome will have unique architectural design and all glassed, so that in every scene the elderly characters are seen struggling to relate to the outside world that is around, but they are always obliged to see you through the windows, which makes the situation even more distressing.
The project will also include the construction of a wooden table which is the main object of the film theatrically, so being a kind of character work. This table is very important for the film to reach its full understanding.
Other precisely symbolic props are also presented throughout the plot, and in fact are very important for this film that meditates on the weight of life and the value that we assign to our most intimate and fraternal relations.
THE DESK's main premise reflection on man's relationship with time and space, the main protagonist's character Mark, a successful businessman who owns a small factory in São Paulo and is always out of time: without family time, no time for friends and even no time for himself. As if already not enough to his immense lack of time, Mark does not trust the people and ends up absorbing more activities for you than you can manage. Our protagonist hero is the typical reflection of the contemporary man, who is always on the chronological time and completely adapted to the hectic pace of the big cities and the stressful routine of their work. In addition to Mark, the work has three other main characters he barely relates: Peter, father of Mark; John, his grandfather; And Luke, his son eight years old.
THE DESK is therefore a film-work of art that addresses the daily lives of four generations of a family struggling to keep his place, and suggests a reflection on the space lost in time, with a search history, transformation and rebirth . A film that makes us think about our values and about our life projects, and also on how much time we are willing to wait to win them, all through a plot that revolves around the disappearance of a table, which despite being a lost object is full of meanings.
A playful and light work that will make the viewer recall his past and to reflect on what it takes to give up on your personal journey to be preserved which in fact should be kept forever by our side and in our lives.

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