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Second Chance on the Caprock

A short documentary about the Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

  • R.T. Higgins
    Power of Pearl
  • Ahbra Perry and R.T. Higgins
    Power of Pearl
  • Ahbra Perry, R.T. Higgins, Laurie Higgins
  • Laurie Higgins, Frank Castillo
    Key Cast
  • R.T. Higgins
    Director Of Photography
    Power of Pearl
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    13 minutes 12 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 23, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Sony 4K
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Equus Film Festival
    United States
    February 17, 2017
  • Deep in the heart
    United States
  • Best Shorts Competition

    Award of ecellence
  • Animal Film Festival
  • White Lights international Film Festival
    St. petersburg
    Russian Federation
  • Love International Film Festival
Director Biography - R.T. Higgins

Taylor Higgins grew up on a ranch in a small town in Texas. When he was 18, he moved to California to become a filmmaker, after his childhood best friend convinced him that he should become a filmmaker. Throughout his studies he pursued acting in Los Angeles until his father was diagnosed with cancer. He packed his bags, and as the eldest son, fulfilled his duties being there by his father’s side until he passed. Burying his father’s body at the ranch was like a seed; the ranch flourished and grew. Taylor fell in love with it in an entirely different way, but his duties were done. He knew he had to take another crack at his first love, film.
After some hard days and nights in Los Angeles, art school confidant, Ahbra Perry came to town interning at the famed Mosaic Media Company. They decided it was best to quit her job and together make a feature length documentary. Seven years, 15 countries later, countless side projects, commercials, and short films later, they finally completed the film. Taylor will have two feature films coming out this year and he is yearning for his next adventure.

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Director Statement

As the sun set on that fateful evening in 2007, my father was laid to rest after a long battle with cancer in the place where the entire concession of my ranch could be seen. It was no coincidence. My family all had our special places on the ranch and that was my fathers. My mother, Laure Higgins, was left a grieving widow and a single mother of four.
At the time, the ranch was barren and empty. We had a little house, some cattle, and a little barn with a few horses my mother would keep out there for occasional rides. After my father died, she would go out there to grieve and search for the next steps. She realized, once she regained her vitality, that the horses saved her. She decided right then, she was going to save them.
We sold off most of our cattle and alerted the sheriff to bring abandoned horses our way. It was a brutal beginning. Some of these horses were so emaciated that we had to put them down or spend lots of money to rehabilitate them medically, but that didn’t stop my mother. I started to notice she felt very strongly about saving these animals. My mother has a larger than life personality, and she’s no push over, so I knew these horses were in good hands.
After awhile, we realized we were up to capacity very quickly and we needed to do build more infrastructure, so we did. A full sized arena was built and we were able to train horses there. We had to go through four different foremans before we landed on a 52 year old Mexican cowboy named Francisco Castillo. Frank, as we call him, worked at the local feed yard where he oversaw 600 head of cattle on horseback. He was the guy the locals called if they had a horse they thought wasn’t worth anything. Frank would train those horses and then sell them. He always said that horses are part of American heritage and that they deserve a second chance too. That’s when I saw the operation grow.
Three years later, my mother and Frank have retrained and re-homed over 70 horses and with the full support of the community. That’s when my mother asked me to make a video explaining what goes on down there and why it is a special place. It was just supposed to be a video explaining what happens at the ranch but I knew once I started filming, that there was much more. It was clear that with my mother’s will and passion for these horses and my connection to the land, that it would allow me to make something cinematic for me and my entire family.
Now the film has won numerous awards and has been played in theaters as far as Russia and continues to run in the festival circuit today.