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Jack Jella: Amateur

A shootout at a remote warehouse sets the sky ablaze. With astonishing skill and martial-arts ability BRAD TIPPET, mid-forties, a lithe, lean, well-muscled FBI agent, leads a successful attack on a gang of ruthless drug dealers, while...

JACK JELLA, a scruffy, but brilliant, computer hacker cracks the “impenetrable” code of a fortune 500 company. To his chagrin, his boss takes all the credit.

Later, Jack is attacked in an alley. Brad appears and beats the sunshine out of the thugs.

The FBI arranges that Brad and Jack attend a fundraiser thrown by billionaire GEORGE CEYLOON. George is involved with a plot to explode bombs during the upcoming Summer Olympics.

The FBI recruits Jack to lead a secret security check on George. He goes into an intense training program. In time, he will learn to fight like a turbo charged dynamo. But not yet...

One night, Jack is suddenly pulled into a car and transported to a remote bridge. Suspended over the bridge, Jack, terrified of heights, is panic-stricken as his assailants question him, and demand that he spy on the FBI.

Jack learns that Trudy, his girlfriend, is actually FBI and part of the scheme to recruit him. Crushed, he leaves her.

He later breaches security at George’s mansion in search of a disc containing evidence of the planned bombing. It's an ambush. Brad has his first encounter with a potent fighter-assassin, SILVER. Jack, terrified, is forced to jump to safety from a 2nd storey balcony.

A few days later, Jack, still in hospital and very disoriented from pain killers, has to evade the huge assassin, Boohree. In a comic sequence Jack finally sends Boohree careening down a busy highway strapped in a wheelchair.

Daisy, Jack's mom, is kidnapped from their house. Jack is forced to meet the evil CROW to exchange the disc for Daisy. Jack shows his courage in facing and outwitting Crow, but to his horror, learns that Daisy has been killed.

Jack and Brad gain access to the Olympic village. In a high-action encounter, Brad defeats Silver.

With ingenuity and courage, Jack thwarts George’s plot to assassinate the President of the United States during the Olympics' opening ceremony, but not before he's dangled from the very top of the arena.

Boohree flees the Olympic stadium, with Jack in chase. He corners Boohree in an Olympic training facility. Using his speed, flashing technique, and gymnastic ability, Jack is able to defeat the giant, pinning him onto a 500 pound bench-press machine. Boohree reveals that Daisy is not dead, after all. He tells Jack that George is holding Daisy at a nearby warehouse.

Brad and Jack arrive at George’s hide-out . After a harrowing confrontation in which Jack must avoid helicopter rotor blades and hang on to helicopter rails while swinging 50 feet above deadly metal spikes, he apprehends George. In a small room at the top of the warehouse, Jack finds Daisy locked in a sparsely furnished room. She’s unharmed.

With his apprehension and that of his top-level cronies, George’s whole scheme is dismantled, and the President suffers a very close call, but no harm.

Trudy and Jack, their difference now settled, invite Brad to their engagement party.

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  • CSU Media Festival Winner
    Los Angeles, CA
    February 15, 2008
    Best Short Screenplay, Audience Award
Writer Biography

Rowan Sutherland was born in Zimbabwe. His family moved to the beautiful coastal town of Durban, South Africa, where he received his formative education. He earned his B.A. (English & Theatre) at the University of Natal, Durban.

He holds an MA and MFA (Screenwriting). A past instructor at California State University, Northridge in the film department, he now produces and directs short and animated films. He is author of the children's book "Talitha and the Gnome: The Warg" and winner of the CSU Media Writing Award for the screenplay of the same name.

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Writer Statement

In the end, my goal is to create a body of work that is more than just an entertaining distraction for children. The mission is to create projects that both entertain and educate, with lessons for a healthy world, peopled with societies united by compassion, understanding, and mutual respect.