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Wyna Bright never meant to do any good.

A dark comedy about Florida Woman, Wyna Bright, and the bad things that happen to people in skinhead-run trailer parks.

After knocking off a string of convenience stores, Wyna and Billy Bright lay low with their money at the Majestic Royale Mobile Home Park. However, just as they sit down to their favorite pastime - getting fucked up, playing poker and eating junk food - they hear the next door neighbor wailing on his son. Wyna takes matters into her own hands and stops the man, Lee Harvey, and forces him to send his boy away. Lee Harvey then comes after Wyna for revenge, only Wyna's too smart and once again humiliates him. The third time Lee Harvey tries to get the jump on Wyna, she ties him up with his cohort (a member of the ruthless Skinz Gang) and burns them alive, only Lee Harvey lives and the entire park burns down, with dogged police detective Diego Daughtry hot on Wyna and Billy's trail.

  • Leanna Adams
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    Short Script, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Leanna Adams

A producer, writer and actress, Leanna’s short films have aired on TBS and on Fox's LaughsTV and have been featured by Huffington Post and Funny or Die.

Her short films and scripts have won awards around the country. Her short "Lady Justice" won the Best Female Representation in a Short Film from the 2015 Women In Film and TV Atlanta’s Annual Short Film Series. And her short "Clown Nose Job" took home Best Experimental Film from the 2015 WIFTA Short FIlm Series. “Love Stinks,” which Leanna wrote, co-directed and co-starred in, won the Best Short Comedy award at the 2014 WIFTA Short Film Series. Her script, GODS OF ROCK, won best comedy feature script at the 2014 Indie Gathering International Film Festival. And her script for “Backtrack,” winner of the 2014 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Festival, won “Best Screenplay” at Wonderroot’s ‘Best Of’ Film Series 2014.

Short films she’s written have also screened in festivals all over the country. Her shorts “Girl on Tinder” and “Lady Justice” were accepted to the 2015 San Antonio Laughs Comedy Film Slam. Her short, “Clown Nose Job,” was accepted to the 2015 Y’allywood Film Festival. And “Baby Games,” which Leanna co-wrote and starred in, was accepted by the 2015 New Mavericks Film Series: FEMLANTA.

Leanna has performed in theaters all over Atlanta and is a producer of Sketchworks Theatre. She also writes for and acts in their quarterly shows. She is also a member of Atlanta's Jump Cut Collective, winner of the 2014 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project, which she co-wrote and co-starred in.

In January of 2014, Leanna launched Decent Humans, an online sketch comedy channel. With partner Ken MacLaughlin she writes, produces, directs and performs in their short films - shooting approximately twice a month and releasing a short every other week - with the aim of telling meaningful and often comedic stories and producing better and better quality films.

A short documentary on legendary Atlanta comic Jerry Farber, Jerry-Atric: One Comic's 77-Year Rise to the Top of the Bottom (2015), was Leanna's solo directorial debut.

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Writer Statement

I grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and worked a series of crappy jobs from age sixteen to twenty-two - drive thru window at Papa John's, local grease pit, other odd jobs. I had a lot of contact with all types of people, good people, many salt of the Earth, plenty of jerks. I’ve kept these experiences with me while learning to write comedy and tell stories through film in Atlanta. People are so interesting and complicated and often, I feel, the poor are overlooked.

I’ve seen so many short films in the last five years. Always my favorite heroes are the flawed ones. And my favorite characters are the ne’er–do–wells who have just one thing that can make them do right. I wanted to combine those traits with a strong female character that people would both be reviled by and champion as she navigates her dirt poor world.

I found Florida Woman, Wyna Bright, and then her accomplice, older brother, Billy Bright. They are just trying to live in peace, but being broke and staying in trailer parks in the linty bellybutton of the Sunshine State, Central Florida, has it's inherent dangers. I am so enjoying writing the story of such inherently unlikeable people and finding out how relatable they actually are. I hope that in the end you will root for Wyna and Billy.