Once upon a time I was a dreamer.

I did not know before I found out

while beeing a victim of very big injustice

and my mouth got shut to not to shout.

I am sorry I have to address those problems

as I have been lived here since my son got abused

and instead of justice beeing served

I have been taken away from home and shamelessly accused

I like to guide my decision on principle of Love

and I feel I need to clear up this dispute

there is nothing to fear and nothing to hide

but ending up on street I can not have a lawsuit

I've believed blindly, and trusted people

that justice is going to get served and right

I never thought that there are people out there

that wanted to silent me in my fight

I started the school but they stopped me

I looked for job - they said part time

intruding into my house and steeling my stuff

in law book was not the crime

Finally, I found a FT job one day

but I did not know what was all about

when they came to me to say

they killed my child in Africa and I have to go out

Human Rights told me,

to sign that they can not work with me,

as somebody stole my song after abusing the child.

And I have to get out - it was a bet wild!

Nobody was guilty and I was not sick.

I did not have atomic bomb as they've accused me.

My poem was not an atomic bomb, on my computer,

after they stole it, brought me on ward and abused me

I did not wanted to participate

in killing of children and abusing

and they laughed and made fun of it

finding it very, very amusing

But who cares about court rooms

after 15 years of fighting and loosing fight

when one end on the street homeless

one has no life and no right

There is not place in the society

for a dreamer like myself

my rose book with love and kindness

was put on lower shelf

I worry much about plastic dumped into te Ocean

natural food, reusable energy. I worry!

But more I worry about children emotion

when they find the truth inside my children story.

You, woman and mothers - all nice and pretty

I do not have atomic bomb for what I have been accused

for somebody to be amused, and not gun,

but I have pen to tell the truth - Our right have been abused

There is an abuse to be dealt with but there is the silence in the city

In order to govern nation and dismantle global corruption

we have to know where are we heading up to go!

There is nothing there, it's very easy to say

but it takes us to face the truth - The truth seems to be a long way

Dear President, rights, jobs and education

are important to have healthy and happy nation

Communication -

beeing able to tell the truth even of Presidents

and not to get accused and abused

To end this dispute our future is in your hands.

Hate is only blind when injustice has no end!

Shutting the mouths is not a solution

jails and beating, hanging up, gans and hitting -

I hope we understand!

Dear President of America,

I have just a pan - that is my sword and gun

I am going to be on street but will not stop to fight

will not stop the fight

until I get my right, until my work is done!

  • Zeljka Bosnjak M. Rose
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