Mountain Man And His Women Physic Visions Powers

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Unmarried mountain couple heads to the nearest town to do their winter shopping. Veronica is a homemaker with physic vision powers is her career. Vernon cuts wood and creates wood objects for his career. Vernon doesn't listen to Veronica's visions because; he thinks he can get out of any situation that comes upon him. Veronica has physic inspirational vision power that can predict the future and gives Vernon suggestion to help prevent accidents. Vernon is often rude to Veronica when she talks to him. Strange happening in the store today when they enter.

As they go in the store unexplainable creatures start popping up or squirt up from the food bends. Veronica has a vision of what is going to happen if Vernon does not clean up his act. See what will happen if Vernon does not listen to her physic visions. Vernon gets in a hurry when he messed up when his girlfriend Veronica goes to the hospital. The town needs help with the strange happenings. Veronica has a job in town when Vernon just wants to go back home.

  • Author Irene Jane Holmes
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    Student, Screenplay, Stage Play, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Author Irene Jane Holmes


Irene Jane HolmesAbout Irene Jane Holmes:

Author; is into exploring many options in researching for different projects that she writes. She loves to write explorer adventure stories for children and adults of all ages to help them grow and learn in their daily life. She likes to feel the characters exploring their experiences as they learn along the way through the story. This is what she hopes for her audience to learn as they read through her stories and other writing. She is a new author as of August 31, 2015. Her idea she has is to help children and adults of all ages with various learning education like phonics, problem-solving decrease fear by facing it and many other learning strategies along the way as; she writes more Explore Adventure for children to an adult of all ages. She is working on other children adventures for all ages to help the children in their education like ABC, 123 Color Phonics with animals and a boy character who helps other children learn his or her education skills. She writes fiction fantasy paranormal comedy short stories for adults are written in script format. She writes fiction fantasy adventures and the paranormal fantasy, and some Sci-Fie and paranormal western fantasy for all ages. In many adventures that are to come your way can help you with your problem solving like in the Boys Adventure Through the West. The Explore Boys help each other and solve problems.

She has explored many options to make her stories come to life as the audience reads her stories, poems, and songs. She loves to write; it helps her with her daily stress that comes upon her. Writing is crucial to her because she loves to help people out. She hopes that some of her writing like in her songs, poems, or even her stories can contribute to aspire, someone, to keep their heads up. Children development, stage learning song that she wrote for her three older boys “I want to be like my brothers.” This song helps all of her kids keep going and never give up. This is a development Learning song encourages the kids to keep going.


I plan to transfer all my books into on film, playwright, online video or episodes.I plan on promoting my book through merchandise like t-shirts, cup, pen and toys.


I plan to get all my books transfer into a video commercial ads and have my books sold in the local stores worldwide like Wall-Mart, Barns N Noble, Target, Costco and many others. I plan to make a video sneak peek of the inside story of my books. I plan on setting up a book reading at the libraries and schools and doing live author fan .video

I am pursuing my goals in looking to enhance my writing skills and find writers grant to help me continue in marketing my books and get my books into the movie industries. I am looking for a sponsor to help fund me my goal options.


Irene J Holmes is a new author for children books of all ages. She has been in college for over three years now and is going to (SNHU) Southern New Hampshire University Online course. She is majoring in screenwriting. She has been working hard in her classes so she can try to achieve her writing goals. One of her instructors from the creative writing course; Susan-Sojourna Collier has helped us out a lot. She gives us inspirational notes. She is very positive to help us achieve our goals as a writer, and in your lifetime to come.

Irene Holmes has created fun adventure book for all ages. She has seen many children faces at Playgroup and Nursery at her church. Watching the children smile and laugh and see the glow in the parent’s eyes as they watch their child having fun while reading my ABC 123 Color Animal Kid.

The other book I have written I have heard from a few people at my LDs church that read some of the Boys Adventure through the West. One of the females said “There are Ghost in your book. Your book is too scary for me to finish reading.” I have had other people have commented in person or on Facebook “WOW this is an exciting book. It sounds like fun.”



“Boy’s adventures through the West (released end Nov 2015) Ghost town adventures is the second title; Author House did not put my 2nd title in the book.


Little Boy’s Adventures at the Beach is my third book publishing are in progress @ Xlibris Publishing. Excepted at the end of 2016.

Alphabet Number Color Animal Kid (Published August 31. 2015, Sept 2015, Dec 2015 for corrections. 2nd addition put out for market Feb or March 2016. The Last book did not get 2nd addition written on the front cover or in the book in the book.)

Unpublished Manuscripts
Mountain Man and His Women Physic Vision Powers a script for filmed. Fiction Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi. Goals; To have it on film, screenplay, TV series, online video, book and more.


I have had Rick Bratton from the this WeekAmerica.Us who has done my first interview back in Sept of 2015 for my book ABC 123 Color Animal Kid. I will have a review update of his show on Nov 3 @ 2:30 EST, 11:30 PST
Have created free classified to Olympian, Seattle Times and the Craigslist in 2015 and 2016.
I have two preview Fan sneak Learning Preview Videos for ABC 123 Color Animal Kid Book and Boys Adventure Through The Wild West book.

I have created promotions on Facebook and I have place ads through many social sites like facebook, twitter, google,, Linkedin and many other social sites. Book Ventures and Author House are my publishers, and they have created ads through their website. Book Ventures advertise only three times a year. Author House advertise only four times a year.

I have Blog: ww.irenejanom/blog. My website is that I use in my ads and promotion. I have told people in public about my book and told them my site. I have shown my book to people in the public. I gave a free copy of my books to Lacey Timberland Library on Paperback, and the ABC 123 Color Animal Kid is also in Kindle format.


Writing Stories for Children (Certificate) Strafford Career Institute. Major: Creative Writing: Screen Writing at Southern New Hampshire University Online March; 2013 – Present.


Writing stories for children from this home course at Stafford Career Institution; Graduated: Jan, 03

Creative Writing: Screen Writing Major: She is working on getting her major in 2018.

Summary of Author: Irene Jane Holmes

Irene J Holmes works at home as an author, homemaker, and mother. She has been in college for over three years @ (SNHU) Southern New Hampshire University Online course. She is majoring in creative writing: screenwriting. She has been working hard in her classes so she can try to achieve her writing goals. Her instructor; from the creative writing course; Susan-Sojourna Collier has helped us out a lot. She gives us inspiration notes.

Professional Comment

She is very positive to help us achieve our goals as a writer, and in your lifetime to come. Comments: Workshop short story Hey Irene, Great job with your critiques! You addressed many of the same issues I pointed out in my note. Also, you were very clear with your notes and suggestions and your comments targeted ways to heighten the story-telling experience. It appears that you are invested in your peers’ literary growth – which is pretty cool. You are such a powerful writer…


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Increase Fun Learning; Enhances Smiles of Joy. I write to help increase fun learning in any adventure in life. I write variety of fiction adventure fantasy short stories and short novels, phonics. I write to be able to help variety of problems from children to an adult. I put the time and effort into my writing to help the audience feel the charters as they read or listen. I can help you increase fun learning through any adventure enhances smiles of joy. I want my writing legacy to be remembered for a lifetime of learning adventures. I became a writer to be able to help my children, other people around the world and myself.