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Malicious Intent

A female New York deputy parole officer and two DEA agents are assigned to apprehend an unhinged parole violator. He turns the tables on them and goes after them instead with unrelenting deadly vengeance.

  • Mike Briock
    Antinean. Cajun Justice. Hibernation. Love & Happiness. The Fourth Night
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Mike Briock

Attended film school. Gravitated towards screenwriting after I wrote some shorts and commercials for other students for their projects and became very popular and in great demand, so much so that I was staying up every night to write the projects for other students while also working on my own projects for school.

Worked as a script reader, and also was a personal reader for a well-known Director/Producer/Writer. I read some very good scripts as well as some horrendously bad scripts that were being greenlit, which actually made me angry.

Started writing my own scripts (Antinean/Cajun Justice/ Hibernation/Love & Happiness/Malicious Intent/The Fourth Night) and entering some film festivals in the screenplay category. I have experienced some well-deserved success as well as some bitter disappointments.

Even though I have won film festivals I am like any "unknown" writer and have found great difficulty in getting anyone at all to read my entertaining and high-quality scripts. The more festivals I can win, the more credence it gives to the high quality of my screenplays and writing ability.

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Writer Statement

I take great pride in my work. I take my writing very seriously and I work very hard at it. I am very dedicated to writing entertaining and excellent screenplays. I enter film festivals to promote my work in hopes of being able to present my festival winning screenplays to directors, producers, and talent. The more wins I garner in festivals the more it helps me when shopping my screenplays to the directors, producers, and talent. Entering film festivals is very expensive, especially with no guarantees. I work 60 hours per week in order to cover the cost of the festival submission fees. I take great offense when a festival marks my script "Not Accepted" because I know they didn't bother to read the script and I know the high-quality of my scripts. I fully expect to win every festival I enter. This is not ego in anyway, this is unwavering confidence in both my scripts and writing ability.