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Frank Williams and Lincoln Jones are friends who played together in a local Soul band in the Seventies that specialized in music by the group WAR. After their music teacher/ business manger gets killed by police, the friends go separate ways. Williams becomes a Secret Service agent and Jones becomes a Congressman.

Williams takes a bullet and saves a President's life from a skinhead assassin. Soon, Williams's humor-filled outspokenness helps him become a political celebrity. He is drafted to become the Presidential nominee for the Independent Party. Amid scandals in the two main parties, Williams is elected and makes his buddy, Congressman Jones, the Vice President. During the inauguration, Williams is shot at, but still delivers the speech.

The egotistical, right-wing, Speaker of the House hates both Williams and Jones. He plots to destroy them and take over the presidency. He secretly backs the Aryan Nation who also wants to destroy Williams and Jones.

Williams and Jones have great wives who help them try to make things better in the country, especially with racial issues, including reparations. They are loved by the populace.

Williams is assassinated while on vacation and the evil Speaker of the House tries to get murder charges and impeachment proceedings brought against Jones. Can the nation's second Black President hold the country together despite his problems and find a way to clear his name?

  • Christopher Harmon
  • Steve Harris
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    United States
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    Best Screenplay
Writer Biography - Christopher Harmon, Steve Harris

A man with a passion for screenwriting, equal to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s, for the world of science, Christopher Harmon brings it all to the table on each project, with enthusiasm and joy. The craft of developing his screenplays is scientifically precise, spiritually uplifting and well calculated to produce the maximum impact. Raised in Buffalo, now residing in Phoenix, this author has completed over a dozen screenplays and several documentaries.

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Writer Statement

This festival is very much needed for Black screenwriters to break through the apartheid and seeming embargo of us, being able to tell our own stories. Thank you.