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Pink Slip

Everyone who has ever had a job is afraid of one thing: getting fired! But a job isn't just a vocation. What you do says a lot about who you are, especially if you’re an elderly nun who’s taken vows of poverty in order to help others. Inspired by a true story, Pink Slip is a magical romantic comedy about discovering that it's never too late to find your true vocation and true love.

In a crumbling convent in the French countryside, eight Poor Sisters of Charity receive a letter terminating their employment. Is it a mistake? Can nuns be fired? they ask. Is their husband of several decades divorcing them with a pink slip?

After this devastating news, Mother Superior, Sister Marie Catherine is faced with the challenge of leading her fellow sisters to a new life. What to do? Where to go? How to get another job when you’re facing 60 or 70? How do you overcome the trauma of seeing your lifelong home, the convent, sold and demolished or your value as a woman, a nun and a human being demeaned by forcibly retired and sent to a nursing home?

The nuns do create a new life-a life of prosperity by opening a Spiritual-Spa-Restaurant-Retreat using the lifetime skills they mastered at their rural convent- making goat’s cheese, wine, baking bread and cooking vegetarian meals.

Leading them all down a whimsical path to a new life is a mischievous teen angel and a diseputable gardener. Cloyingly sweet but feisty, the Angel is visible only to the Mother Superior, arriving suddenly and at the worst of times to aggravate as well as offer divine guidance amid cheery cliches. She inspires them all to adapt their skills and embrace being successful, spiritual women in a modern society.

With a little love and a lot of faith, the sisters of poverty lift the veil of their 15th century cloistered life to thrive in a materialistic 21st century. They become a sorority of business-savvy, spiritual entrepreneurs charitably helping multitudes to a happier and healthier life. Securing financial independence for her flock, Catherine experiences her own spiritual awakening, following her heart back into the arms of the man she always loved.

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Having been selected by over 100 East and West coast Agents, Personal Managers and Casting Directors as the “Foremost Marketing Coach for Actors", Gwyn also has had a successful acting and writing career working in all medias.

She studied theater at Carnegie Mellon, and was an Emmy Award nominated Soap Opera Daytime TV actress with over a dozen contract and recurring roles- All My Children, Guiding Light, As The World Turns, One Life to Live, Another World and others.

Appearing on several Primetime pilots/TV series, her favorite roles include: Tony Robert’s wife in The Lucy Arnaz Show (CBS) and Woman of Valor (NBC-Emmy Award).

Performing on and off Broadway, Gwyn also worked extensively in classical Repertory theater productions across the country-from Shakespeare, Moliere, Tennessee Williams to Noel Coward and Arthur Miller. On Broadway she was in Kaufman and Hart’s The Man Who Came to Dinner at the Circle in the Square and co-starred opposite Tammy Grimes and Ian Richardson in Joshua Logan’s (Mister Roberts, South Pacific) last play, Trick. Gwyn was in demand as a corporate spokeswoman for network commercials and voice-overs from Mercedes to L’Oreal.

As a writer/director/producer, Gwyn founded Laight Street Films, creating Bloggers, a comedy pilot (HBO style) and her film, Fairytale which was recently shot in Paris and the south of France with an international cast and crew. She is currently developing Film and TV projects in diverse genres- a romantic comedy, action-thriller, fantasy sci-fi and a “boomedy” (sitcom) for the over 50’s market.

As a Marketing Expert/Mentor with clients on both coasts and internationally working in all medias she is the premier role model with winning strategies and first-hand knowledge of the TV, Film and Theater Industries which she willing shares to help new actors succeed.

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Based on a true story, the characters have inspired me as well as those they've helped to make the world a happier and healthier place. The divine intervention of an annoying Angel was of course an artistic choice to add wit and comedy to their amazing journey.