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Log line: People around the city are being abducted by what appear to be alien beings driving super fast cars. When illegal street racer Steve Chance, discovers a connection to his beloved, missing sister, he hits the throttle and abducts the beautiful niece of the Death Driver's leader, leading to a high-speed showdown.
By: Paul Owens
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Steve Chance should have everything to live for. He is young, athletic and has exceptional driving and martial arts skills. However, the disappearance of his younger sister two years ago haunts him deeply.
One night, Steve stumbles across a young girl being abducted by what appears to be aliens driving super-fast cars. The alien beings pretty much look like normal humans, except for their eyes, which are black and almond shaped. Steve gives chase and easily manages to rescue the girl using his sheer nerve for driving at high speed and his well-honed fighting skills.
The next morning Steve finds himself summoned to the metropolitan police station by long-time family acquaintance, and unrequited suitor of his mother, Sergeant Sean O’Hara. At the station Steve is introduced to a special operations police unit headed by Captain Dubois.
The special operations unit consists of Captain Rodriguez from Rio and Captain Maria Sanchez, commander of a crack squad of combat troopers from Mexico. Steve learns that the special unit has been on the trail of an alien crime syndicate that is capturing humans to on sell into slavery on other planets.
As Steve has shown greater skill than the squad at out driving and fighting the aliens, Captain Dubois enlists him and his eccentric (some might say misfits) crew of illegal street racers to help locate the operations base of the aliens and free a suspected thousand captive humans, drugged by an alien toxin to make them subservient.
However, Steve soon finds that the aliens seem to know his and his crew’s every move, which leads him to suspect there is a traitor in the special unit.
Going on a hunch, Steve convinces his best friend Jonny Moretti not to report in their movements to Captain Dubois as they stake out a local drug dealer who is pedalling the alien toxin. They make a break through and tail a limousine to a mountain side restaurant.
In the limousine is Obst Devalk, leader of the slave trading operation and uncle of Annaleisa, a beautiful, young alien girl who Steve and Jonny decide to capture.
Out fighting and out driving Devalk’s body guards in a thrilling car chase down the mountain, Steve and Jonny are not sure what to do with their beautiful alien captive, and so, take her back to Steve’s mother's house for dinner. Steve shows Annaleisa his missing sister’s bedroom, and gives her a piece of his sister’s jewellery. They fall in love.
Via his traitor inside the special unit, Devalk quickly learns of their whereabouts and dispatches an army of his men to retrieve his niece and kill Steve.
Steve and Jonny survive the attack, but Annaleisa is taken and Steve’s mother is injured and her home is totally obliterated. Feeling guilty about putting his mother in harm’s way and losing his mother’s house and keepsake memories of his sister, Steve decides to quit. That is, until he learns that his missing sister, Celeste, may be among Devalk’s captives, set to be shipped off world as slaves in the next forty eight hours.
Steve Chance heeds the call to action and teams up with Shanchez and her elite commandos, and launches a desperate, high stakes, utterly dangerous, high speed attack to take down Devalk and his army of slave traders.

  • Paul Owens
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Writer - Paul Owens