Private Project

The Route

The Route short film explores the vagaries of boarders;those visible and invisible lines partitionng the globe into segmented territories, and difficulties faced by migrants attemping to traverse many lines on the perilous journey to Europe.

  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 15, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    3 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    February 1, 2016
    Moving Art
Distribution Information
  • newffilm production
    Country: Sweden
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography

CV Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter

Born in Toronto Canada. Living and working in Stockholm.
Time Based Media Artist. Working with Video, film, Installation and performances.


FILMFORMS Hederspris./ Filmform Honorary Award/ Stockholm Sweden

EWVA (European Women Video Artists.
Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter is selected for EWVA (European Women Video Artists. 2016

The selection includes artworks by some of the most influential European women artists who were video pioneers in the 1970s and 1980s.

Collage for Art, Craft and Design Stockholm ( Konstfack) Master of Fine Art 1984
Jan Van Eyck Akademie , Time Based Art, Maastricht the Netherlands 1984-1986
The Royal College of University of Arts Stockholm. Video department (Konsthögskolan) 1996-1997

Education advanced level
2014-2015 PAB Photographic Artist´s Book program. Kungl.Konsthögskolan.
2014-2015 Mejan Arc. Konst och Arkitektur Kungl. Konsthögskolan. I don`t promise you a rosegarden. Detroit-Stockholm-Berlin
2013- 2014/ Performativ Kritik, Kungl. Konsthögskolan
2013-2014 Mejan Arc. Konst och Arkitektur Kungl. Konsthögskolan
2012 Artistic Reasearch/ Konstnärliga Forskningsprocesser ,Konstfack Collage for Art, Craft and Design Stockholm /
2013 Introduction Artistic Reasearch 2013 Konstfack Collage for Art, Craft and Design Stockholm
2011 Filmkritik, Stockholm University
1998-1999 Education of Media and Information. ( Film and Media pedagog) Stockholm University

Forskning/ Research

KU-Forskning ”Survival” The Royal College of University of Arts Stockholm 1998
2010 -2011 Research [Whitewash] Postcolonial structures, Konstnärliga forskningsprocesser Konstfack Collage for Art, Craft, 2012,
2012-2013 Introduction Artistic Reasearch [Whitewash] Postcolonial structures, Konstfack Collage for Art, Craft,2012-2013

Travel and Research
1976 Afgahanistan Kabul.Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Jordanien, The West bank.
1982 Indoneisa, Bali, Burma, Malaysa, North Thailland
1987-1995 Greece Filmresearch and filming
2013 Film and research Canada
2014 Research USA/ Canada NY, Arizona, Louisiana.Vancover.Brittish Colombia, Ontario
2015 Studie/ Research DETROIT Konst och Arkitektur Kungl. Konsthögskolan

Media and Educationwork
1998-1999 Certified Media Educater Stockholm University
2009-2012 Work:Mediacenter Stockholm
1998-2012 Media & ART Educator Aesthetic and media program.
Education Department Stockholm
2015-2016 Sprint Education Youngsters refugees
2015 Summer school The Royal College of University of Arts Stockholm
Kites Workshop/

Videowork in progress
2010-2015 ”Whitewash” Trailer/ Projekt stöd Konstnärsnämnden l Documentary
2010- 2015 “Upproret” Munken. Experimental Documentary 58 min work in progress)
2015 [Gränsland] About Migration/ Videoinstallation

Exhibitions and Activitities

2016 EWVA Europen Woman Video Artist. BNL Media Art Festival in Rome. Screening programme held at MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, Rome.

2016 R-LAB Beta Space NK Passagen Stockholm. Video Installation The Tour

Moving Art Project städer: Stockholm 21 mars ,27 mars, Falun 31 mars 3 april, Karlstad 7 april 10 april,Växjö 14 april 17 april Jönköping 21 april 24 april,Malmö 28 april 1 maj,Göteborg 5 maj 8 maj, Östersund 12 maj 15 maj, Luleå 19 maj 22 maj Kiruna 26 maj 29 maj

2016 Studio44 Projektrummet. ”Att göra om den andre till sin egen avbild.”
2016 [AKT 2] Projektledare Fylkingen/ Video.Studies of Resistance 2015
2015 Fylkingen Paul Pingons Agenda 3X3 Videoverk
2015 PAB Photographic Artist´s Book program. Konstakademin Stockholm. Sweden
2015 SPINE International Photobook Festival, Stockholm 2015. Sweden
2015 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST´S BOOK Konstepedemin Göteborg.Sweden
2015 Studio 44 [Observation] Performance Installation.Sweden
2015 From Nowhere to Nowhere. Stockholm-Detroit. Mejan Galleri. Sockholm. Sweden
2015 From Nowhere to Nowhere. Stockholm-Detroit. Brandplats Högdalen. Sweden
2015 To the beat of my tonguee performancefestival. Stockholm Sweden
2014 Studio 44 Valåret. Dokument 13 mars 2014. Sweden
2014 Supermarket. Valåret 2014. Sweden
2014 Tensta Konsthall. Art and Architecture.Stockholm.Sweden
2014 Stockholms Dramatiska Högskolan.Performance/ Videoinstalltion [Observation] Performativ Kritik. Stockholm Sweden

2014] Fallskärmshopp. Västerås fallskärmsklubb [Observation] Sweden
2013 Undir berum himni/ Under the open sky. Konstfestival. Reyjkavik Island
2013 Native Moving Images Kanada-Sweden [Whitewash] Postcolonial structures Konstnärshuset . Kanada-Sweden
2012 [Whitewash] part 1 Postcolonial structures Installation Konstfack Collage for Art. Sweden
2011 Documentary /Konstnärshuset ”videowork ”Munken” Stockholm Sweden
2010 /Expositie ‘Verzamelen’, 2012 Van Abbe Museum te Eindhoven.Videowork ”Munken” ”Caravan 1 in the woods.” The Netherlands
2010 FILMFORM /SBMK,Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst SBMK. Videowork: Bath, I SAW Korpus Video The Netherlands
2010 Videowork: FilmForm Bath and I saw Stockholm Sweden
2010 Mediadesk. BREAD Sweden/ Denmark
2004 Gothenburg Filmfestival Adsress: Caravan 1 in the woods/Atalanta filmscen .Sweden
2004 Korpus Video Kulturhuset Stockholm. Sweden
2004”This Day ”Gothenburg
Filmfestival. Sweden
2004 Culturhaus of Stockholm ”What do we wait for” Stockholm. Sweden
2004-2005 / WIFT Filmfestival Zita Stockholm 2006. Sweden
2001 /Gothenburg Filmfestival 2001 CITYSCAPE:Installation. The emotion of the city Rotterdam The Netherlands
2000 18th World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam. The Netherlands
2001 19th World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam The Netherlands
2001 Image videofestival Toronto Canada
2001 Festival Internatrional Nouveau Cinema Montral Canada
2001 Uppsala Short film Festival Sweden
2001 Champ Libre 5e manifestation international Frankrike
2001 Videó Art E´lectronic Montreal Canada
2001 Kris Tapa Tapa Kino Videofestival Riga . Lettland
2001 Projections Video and Experimental filmfestival Minsk Ryssland
2000 Gothenburg Filmfestival . Sweden
2000 Montevideo Time based Media Galleri,Amsterdam The Netherlands
2000 FilmForm biografen Sture Stockholm Old Scool New School. Sweden
2000 N.E.W.S Tallins Film och Videofestival: Estland
2000 Art News Videoprogram Bornholm and Gotland. Sweden
2000 ”Stardust ” The Modern Museum Stockholm, Sweden
1999 Recontres Videoart Plastiqe France. Frankrike
1999 Art Tape # 3 Montevideo Europe selection tour: I saw. The Netherlands
1999 Art Tape # 3 Community Artcentres Holland Delft Leiden Amsterdam,Deventer, The Netherlands deen Haag,Groningen / Alkmar, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Rotterdam, Zoetermeer,
Viper Medialounge Luzerne, Suisse/ Schweiz

1998 Stockholm:Cultural Capital of Europe Arkipelag Film Nights Hallwylska Palace Moonlights. Sweden
1998 Highlights the Culturehouse of Stockholm.Curator: Monica Nickels. Sweden
1998 Femmedia Film Videofestival Festival Fågel Blå. Sweden
1998 Enter IT Stockholm Kulturhuset.Sweden
1998 Barackkonst Slussen invigning.Culture minister Marita Ulvskog .Dep.of Culture Sweden

1997 Wide World Video festival The Netherlands
1997 Baltic Ikonoress Stetti`n Polen
1995 Blått Snitt The Modern Museum . Stockholm Sweden
1996 Laboration Culturehouse Konstbrus Södertälje. Sweden
1996 Smart show.Stockholm .Sweden
1996 North Videoart Stockholm, Sweden
1995 Montreal Exhibitions and Activitities; Video et art electronic . Canada
1995 ”NIKE” Swedish Television . Sweden
1994 Marriage the Nationalgallerie Stockholm . Sweden
1994 Town saloon Stockholm Culturehouse .Sweden
1993 The kitchen New York . USA

1993 Gothenburg filmfestival. Sweden
1991 Tiger Choreografie installation Stockholm Culturehouse 1991. Sweden
1990 ”In the garden” Living Art Museum Reyjkavik 1990. Island
1990 ”Solaris” Galleri Arton A Stockholm /Installation ”This was my body on land”
1990 New Art Swede Wien-beograd Installatin
1990 ”Livshetta” Forum Norrköping
1998 Galleri Herleen The Netherland
1987 Japan-Nu Stockholm Culturehouse
1987 KEX North ,Oslo Norway, Reyjkavik Island
1986 ”Transit” festval des filles des vues Quebec
1986 ”Whisper” Time Based Art Amsterdam the Netherlands
1986 Ave Experimental Arnheim ”Transit”
1986 The Kitchen New York Europen selection
1986 World Wide Videofestival den Haag
1986 North short film and videofestival Copenhagen
1986 International Videofestival Montebiljard
1985 Lund Biennial nr 2 Lund Sweden
1985 Galleri Rotor Gothenburg Metamorforce
1985 Video Installation.Stockholm
1985 Galleri 1 Installation Stockholm

Video work och Koreografi
2000 Koreografi. Moderna Dansteatern. Stockholm
1996 Dokumentaion with Tiger Anne Külper & Ingerid Olterman
1995 1,79 Video med koreografi installation.
1995 Tiger Dance installation Stockholm Kulturhuset
1991 Videoinstallation with Tiger Stockholm Kulturhuset
1991 Laboration Stockholm Kulturhuset
1992 Altar Virpi Pahkinen, Jukka Korpi Film/ Dokumetation

Selection Museum/ Institutions
Modern Museum Stockholm
The Culturehouse of Stockholm
ART TAPE #3 The Netherlands 25 Museum selected videowork
1998 Montevideo the Netherlands
1995 Mediacenter Amsterdam The Netherlands
FilmForm . Stockholm Sweden
2010 Mediadesk. Sweden Documentary [Bread]

2000 Konst som rörlig Bild- Från Diagonalsymfonin till Whiteout
2013 Sveriges Radio Exhibition: Native Moving Images
1996 DN FilmFom Hedersstipendiat
1995 ”NIKE” Swedish television svt 1
2013 Reaserche lab ”Transistion” Konstnärshuset Stockholm
2012 Native Movin Images. / International Exhibition Kanada – Sweden-
2008 Wift Filmfestival Zita Folkets Bio
1998 Fågel Blå Filmfestival. Capital of Culture
1998 Stockholm Survival Stockholm Sweden
1998 Survival Kungl. Konsthögskolan Stockholm/ Video streaming
1992 Instant Video distribution 1989-1992.
1991 Collage for Art and Design /Visuell Movements Fylkingen
1986 Not only video Maastricht /Videoperformance

1995 FILMFORMS Hederspris./ Filmform Honorary Award
2011 Längmanska Stiftelse resestipendium. Research [Whitewash]
2010 Axel Johnsons stipendiefond Resestipendium Research [Whitewash]
2001 IASPIS Toronto, Resestipendium
1997 Längmanska Grants 2010 Axel Johnsons stipendiefond Resestipendium
1995 Iaspis Resestipendium Island
1992 Iaspis Resestipendium AmsterdamFilmfestival
1997 The Swedish Institute Poland

Projektbidrag/ Arbetsstipendium
2011 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
2006 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2002 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1998 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1996 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1995 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1987 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
1984 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
1987 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden The Swedish Arts Grants Committee,

1993 Grotowski Theatre Århus Denmark
Video workshop Bill Viola Jan Van Eyck AKademi 1984
Video workshop Al Robins 1984
Sound workshop Germany 1985
Work art Connection. Video Time Based Art Collection Collage for Art and Design Stockholm
Project 1987-1992. KU-medel Art research work: Survival The Royal College of University of Arts Stockholm

Related work
1987-1993 Konstfack. Starting up Videoart Education. Collage for Art and Design Stockholm
1987-1990 Kulturama Starting up Videoart Headteacher of videodepartment 1998-2009 Mediapedagog Utbildningsförvaltningen
2010-2013 Medioteket/ Mediacenter Filmpedagog Stockholm
2011 Kista Folkhögskola Medborgarjournalistik. Dokumentärfilm.
1998 Konsthögskolan. Survival KU.projekt Kurs i Animation

”FILMFORMS Hederspris. 1995 Antonie Frank
”Antonie Frank har arbetat med videomediet som konstnär sedan lång tid. Hon
har medverkat i ett stort antal utställningar, performances och
framträdanden i Sverige och utomlands sedan 1980-talets början.
Antonie Frank arbetar i sina verk fritt med videons konstnärliga
möjligheter, inspirerad av t.ex måleri och dans. Hon har en naturlig blick
och känsla för den elektroniska bildens form och sinnliga dynamik. Hennes
senaste verk – She is – från 1995 är ett enastående exempel på denna
ovanliga och mycket personliga ton.
Stiftelsen Filmforms jury: Hanserik Hjertén, Lennart Johansson, Arne
Lindgren, Henrik Orrje, Claes Söderquis”
Ur FilmForms arkiv.

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