Can a documentary be scary?
Years ago in the 1990’s four children were taken from four separate families on consecutive nights. The abductor was never caught or brought to justice. With the anniversary of the event coming up a documentary team decide to try to shine a new light on to what happened back then. However the documentary crew is turned into suspects when the parents of the missing children start going missing themselves. The Documentary soon changes completely when the surviving members of the crew look back and reflect on their investigation into the abductions, with footage from the nights and CCTV footage.

  • Iain Cash
    The Last British Execution, The Hellions, Towns, The Morgue, Tea-Break, Death Comes To Us All, The Jumper
  • David L. Stokes
    The Hellions, Necessary Evil, The Wrong Bed
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - Iain Cash, David L. Stokes