In 2013, my severely autistic adult part Latina daughter became gravely ill from a brain clot. Instead of getting help from doctors and the HMO the State of Calif forces on the disabled, we alone were forced to fight to get brain surgery for our child. They acted like they thought we'd be non English speaking and possibly immigrants with Navarro as our last name, treated us like we had no rights. We were at a sinister downtown LA hospital where we could not access the Internet and a nursing supervisor charged at me. At one point the doctor charted I was crazy because I insisted my daughter see a neurologist and she had a clot. We had doctors lying to us stating she just had a brain bleed, like it was no big deal after reputable doctors stated she indeed did have an AVM clot on her cerebellum. When visiting her I felt unsafe. On our own we got her successful brain surgery at Keck USC. I since have confronted LA Care, attending their board meeting in front of a room full of politicians and activists. My daughter ended up dying and I believe the denial and delay of care irreparably damaged her body but she did have two yrs after her brain surgery. She was called Nerry by Filipino elderly volunteers who worked with her.

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