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Chubby Chasers

Poor Minnie out of work, overweight, and rent’s overdue. The only job available in this Uber-Christian town is as a topless dancer for a bar hiring BBW (Big Beautiful Women). This embarrassing job turns into the most empowering experience of her life when she discovers Chubby Chasers love her plus sized body and she finds true love on a stripper pole.

  • Michael Dugan
    Raging Hormones
  • Michael Dugan
    Raging Hormones, Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbra, General Hospital, Loving, Mousercise
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    United States
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  • NYC International Screenplay Awards Competition
    New York
    Quarter Finalist -
Writer Biography - Michael Dugan

Michael Dugan (WGA) wrote and directed the HBO feature comedy, Raging Hormones, and has sold a feature to SONY Pictures, an MOW to NBC, written several network soaps, and much more.

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