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War of Faith

The Archangel Haniel descends to Earth to persuade the fallen Archangel Michael, born to human parents, to stop the Satans - a cabal of fallen angels – from claiming victory in their war of opposing faiths. One faith is based on love and compassion, which follows the “Word” of the All-Father. The other faith follows the “Contradiction” in which hate and selfishness is divine as it’s the product of free will, the first gift of the All-Father. For the All-Father has decreed that the most souls collected by either faith shall rule the Heavens as Earth is a spiritual rehab for fallen angels. Will Haniel fulfill her task with the help of an Archangel who has lost his own faith?

  • Tony Robinson
    The Haunting of Pearson Place
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    fantasy, thriller, action, horror
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    United States
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Writer Biography

A. Lee Robinson is a father first and attempts to be a screenwriter second. Born and raised in Mineola, NY, he graduated from The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY with a BSc in Marine Engineering and The George Washington University with a Master of Engineering Management degree in the heart of Washington, D.C. After a stint as a U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine Officer, he decided to come ashore and start his career in ship design and acquisition. Aside from being a producer of the award-winning film The Haunting of Pearson Place (2013), his script War of Faith has been selected as a finalist for the Terror Film Festival (2016) and the Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival (2016). In addition, his short script The Night Tourist was selected as a finalist for the Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival (2016). When he is not teaching martial arts to toddlers and moody teens as a 4th degree Black Belt in Mikido, he is writing in his man cave. He can be reached at

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The lie and the truth went in the woods; the word came passing by. They sheltered the falsehood and took it home and left poor truth to die.