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District Raiders

Two ex-partners must come together to save a kidnapped girl from the hands of an alien mob boss.

  • Brad Harris
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    Sci fi, Comedy, Action
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Brad Harris

Brad W Harris was born in 1983, and grew up in North Carolina. He was educated at Maiden High School and joined the Army in 2003. It wasn't until he happened upon working with Universal Pictures in 2011, that his love for filmmaking began to grow. Since then, Brad has worked with several celebrities through his college, Full Sail University. The list includes: Triple H(WWE), Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Mariah Carey, Nikki Manaj, Ryan Seacrest, John Cena, Rob Schneider, etc. Brad has a Bachelor's in Film & a Masters in Creative Writing (Screenwriting).

Brad has 1 wife(divorced) and 2 children. All family is from the North Carolina area.

Brad writes:
Brad grew up in the 80's being big fans of Bruce Willis, Arnold Swartzeneggar, and other great action stars. His love for wanting to make films came from seeing Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm St". However, within the last decade, Brad became interested in comedy action films like Bad Boys and Rush Hour. Through his father, he also came to love science fiction. Seeing films like Star Wars and the BBC comedy series "Red Dwarf" made Brad love Science fiction.

Because of this melting pot of different genre loves, there's no certain niche that Brad writes in. At the moment, he simply writes what he feels he would like to see at the time, basing the majority of his motivation of recent media trends. His style of writing is more centered towards an attitude of "Hey what if we mix this with that, that's never been done before". This attitude is what keeps his material fresh and unique. If you happen to get a chance to read any of his work, you'll find the uniqueness in the work. The idea of mixing the look and feel of "Star Wars" with the comedy and story development of "Rush Hour" is what made up the idea for "District Raiders".

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