Chief Chef

Chief Chef is an animated full feature fantasy film for children five and up; where the Karate Kid meets Ratatouille. Roux is an amazingly talented cook that meticulously measures everything she does to ensure consistency…to a flaw. She is raised by her father who is a short order cook so that he can spend time with her and teaches her everything he knows about cooking. She is taken advantage of and becomes very discouraged. Her father helps convince her to step out on faith and pursue her dream of winning the title of Chief Chef and running her own restaurant. When she moves to New Yak, she becomes friends with Petey a world famous chef and past Chief Chef champion as well. Petey mentors Roux and helps her evolve beyond a good chef into a self assured, confident chef worthy of the title of Chief Chef. She will earn the opportunity to go head to head against her nemesis and restore her faith in her abilities as well as use some new talents that she developed along the way with Petey.

When Roux, a kangaroo Sous Chef, is cheated out of an opportunity to participate in a competition, she is encouraged by her father to step out on faith and pursue her childhood dream to compete against the best chefs around the world for the title of Chief Chef and a grand prize that will allow her to realize her lifelong dream of owning and running her own restaurant.

  • James A Barber
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Feature
  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Drama
  • Runtime:
    60 minutes
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography

Born in Augusta GA, James Barber has spent the majority of his life developing entertaining stories that have been shared with family and friends for personal entertainment. James used his talent for inspiring, persuasion, writing, and storytelling to start and grow a successful IT company. He has now decided to pursue his dream of creating screenplays to entertain children with animated stories that deliver subtle messages to his audience.
He has managed Top Secret projects as a part of his IT career, as well as served as a research scientist at NASA studying the atmosphere. These careers have inspired him to create dramatic science fiction stories full of advanced technology, conspiracies and unexpected twists.

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Director Statement

My goal is to inspire children, captivate adults and make audiences wonder about the plausibility of possibility.