A computer hip attractive woman thinks she's found the right guy to make her a movie star, but hooks up with the wrong connection; and just when all appears lost, she meets a savvy sailor who salvages her innermost dreams.

Sailor Jack takes time off from his ship visiting Coney Island and meets Blaze, a no-nonsense, fiery woman in her 30’s arrives at the luxury Manhattan apartment of her mob boyfriend,Frankie. They have an enormous argument when she finds out he's not a big Hollywood producer and he murdered one of her clients. In a fight she hits him with an ashtray knocking him out, sending him flying over the balcony. Very embarrassing for a mob boss.This, along with her discovery Frankie is no movie producer, sends her on the run with new sailor boyfriend Jack she met at Coney Island. Lucky Frankie, didn't land sixty stories down to the pavement, but one flight down on a window washing scaffold. He wakes up groggy and pissed off finding Blaze lifted his priceless Brasher doubloon, with revenge in his craw. and it's a chase across the Pacific on a merchant ship culminating in a final showdown at Honolulu's snazziest resorts. Frankie finds a higher power in a coconut tree with Blaze and Jack exiting to South America....

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    United States
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    Best Screenplay NOV. 2015 MOB CHICK
  • Mindfield Film Festival • Los Angeles MOB CHICK, Gold Award winner.

  • Stage 32 Semi Finalist.2021 Spring
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I'm retired from the Sailor's Union of the Pacific as Bosun, The Screen Actor's Guild and Chevron Shipping. I was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, where Rudyard Kipling wrote Kim, and Captains Courageous. I was raised in Scarsdale New York and Newtown Connecticut where I worked as a psychiatric aide for the criminal insane before going to War. Returning from the Vietnam War I received an Associates in Arts degree from the College of Marin in Kentfield Ca. I have spent nearly a lifetime at sea. I'm also a retired member of SAG, and having worked as an Extra in over one hundred productions from San Francisco to Burbank.. I have commercial fished for salmon in Alaska; and I have 3 published books and 8 unpublished screenplays. I spend my down time in Ubon Ratchathani Thailand taking care of my rubber trees .

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