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Rory One Time

An out, gay, black man struggles to live a most eventful life with his closeted, white roommate.

  • Nattalie Gordon
    ATLANTA “How To Be A Mumble Rapper”
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    Television Script
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  • LA Screenplay Awards Semi Finalist (Fall 2018)
    Los Angeles, California
    Television Script
Writer Biography - Nattalie Gordon

NATTALIE GORDON ​was born in Westmoreland parish, Jamaica. She describes herself as a “recently introverted, weird, self motivator.”
Growing up on a farm with both parents and an older sister, she learned to read fluently in Kindergarten as they had neither TV nor games. Books were the only things that were free so she learned to read them by age 5.
She describes her summers as really hot days spent working on the farm with her father, picking coffee beans or watering the cows.
Nattalie moved from the country to Kingston, Jamaica’s capital at age nineteen, three years after graduating high school. She went to look for work as her parents could not afford college, according to her she spent her entire time in high school wondering when she’d drop out due to lack of finances. Luckily she made it to graduation.
She started writing more to combat depression and decided to enter writing contests.
In 2008 she entered an annual reading competition at her local library and was the National Runner-Up. She re-entered in 2010 where she won.
She’s won several awards for poetry and prose as well as spots in coveted Playwriting festivals.
Some of her work include gold medal winning poem ​New Shoes Blues ​as well as plays such as ​Cooter Soup ​and T​ he Butterfly is Gone.
Nattalie’s website features numerous writing samples.
She currently volunteers at her local theatre and is a freelance writer for Curve magazine.

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1512 Crossings Drive, Lithia Springs GA 30122 816.698.9633

Professional Writer: Screenwriter, Playwright, Essay writer, Poet, Freelance writer, Author, Proofreader.

Vocal Media
● For My Human (poem) - 5/28/18
● Anxiety in my own words (essay) - 5/29/18
● Dating Trans (article) - 5/29/18
● Slave Dust and Tyler Perry (article) - 7/6/18
Curve Magazine
● Splitting Up Together - 12/04/18
● Her Kids Are Driving Me Mad - 6/3/18
● The Thousand Mile Journey To Healing - 5/10/18
● Honey, I Think They Found The Toys - 5/7/18
● The Big Move-In - 2/5/18
● Dating A Lesbian Who’s Been Sexuality Assaulted - 9/21/17
● I Love Her, They Hate Me - 8/23/17
● Being Gay In The Caribbean - 7/17/17
● Five Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Gay In America - 7/3/17
● Five Things Lesbians With Mental Illnesses Want You To Know - 5/22/17
● 2018: ‘The Butterfly is Gone’ (one act) selected as part of The Village Playwright play reading series at The LGBT Center, NYC.
● 2017: ‘The Butterfly is Gone’ (one act) showcased at The Roebuck Theater, NYC.
● 2017: ‘Cooter Soup’ (one act) selected as a finalist in the Downtown Urban Arts Festival,
● 2016: ‘If I Can’t Have You’ (short play) selected for production in the Midtown International
Theater Festival (Fall).
● 2016: ‘Super Sister’ (one act) showcased at the Producers Club Theater, NYC.
● 2014: ‘Ash The Flash’ (book for grade and middle schoolers) published in Kingston,
● 2013: ‘New Shoes Blues’ became a gold medal recipient in the category of poetry, Jamaica
Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Literary Arts Festival.
● 2013: ‘New Shoes Blues’ wins ‘Choice Writer’ award in JCDC Creative Writing Competition.
● 2012: ‘Dear Mummy’ wins silver medal in JCDC Creative Writing Competition.
● 2012: ‘Jamaica Strong and Free’ wins bronze medal in JCDC Creative Writing Competition.
● 2011: ‘Di Wickedest Slam’ receives merit award in JCDC Creative Writing Competition.
● 2010: ‘Bad Man Don’t Cry’ receives merit award in JCDC Creative Writing Competition.