Hunted in Morocco

Hunted is a film about a young foreigner decides to spend his summer vacation in Morocco, he contacts an employee in one of the travel agencies in Morocco to bother him travel procedures and tours, but when he arrives to Casablanca Airport; he discovers that he had been fraud by a girl named Nada, whom fakes to be employed in a tourism agency, While she works with her unmarried father in the field of betting and racing horses, and they both deceive the gamblers, this deed provokes a gambler who decides with the help of his men to take revenge of the Nada and her father, as that Nada was threatened by her sister to send her to prison if she did not provide tourism services for the young tourist As promised him.. This is the beginning of the story that promptes Nada and a Serbian tourist named Marcus, who finds himself involved with her in this pursuit, and have an amazing adventure, adds many beautiful cities of Morocco, plus interesting series of events that combine drama, comedy, romance and Action in a social film shows the cultural and natural richness of Morocco, as well as the kindness and generosity of these people.
Words are not enough to express how wonderful and spontaneous the characters and scenes of the story are.

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Writer Biography - Onna e.s

22 y.o writer from Morocco looking to join the domaine of cinema and leave a stamp before I fade away.

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