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Melting Point

A men and a woman, both unhappy with their artistic careers, find each other one night. After spending that night together, their lives will be affected in many ways, until they find that in that other person was the answer and pice they needed to find happiness.

  • Jimena Arrosa
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    Punto de Fusión
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Writer Biography - Jimena Arrosa

Vocal coach, actress and teacher. Music writer, and mostly musical theater writer (for children and adults) already with several plays in professional theaters. Now starting to write for screen, and always looking to that topics with social relevance in my writing such as, gender violence, animal wrights, equality, diversity and in general making an economic donation to non profit org. with the plays tickets money. Trying to make a better world and leave nice messages with my art and writing.

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Writer Statement

This script is for me not only a romantic comedy, but is trying to show the life it selfs. How a tiny moment where you meet someone can chance your entire future and even the future of the people surround you. With humor, love and important messages for me about gender violence and diversity, this script tries to show the different types of persons that live in this world all capable of loving and living together by respecting, understanding and complementing each other. Also I'm a Latin woman ;) working, teaching, writing, and defending that for others too. Hope you enjoy It . All rights are mine and is already registrated In the National Library of Montevideo .