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On the way

Seeing threatened the idyllic paradise they live in, five men and a young girl depart on a pilgrimage on bicycles to rescue their world. In an epic and magical journey; geographies, cultures and people on their way, will transform the characters and their little universe forever.

  • Guillermo Piñón
    Los Jefes del Rock
  • Guillermo Piñón
    José Revueltas, Los días del hombre terrenal
  • Guillermo Piñón
    El Luchador
  • Andrés Almeida, Tenoch Huerta, Izaua Larios
    Key Cast
    Y tu mamá también, Días de gracias, Apocalipto
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    En camino
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  • Cinepolis
    Country: Mexico
Writer Biography - Guillermo Piñón

The world came to Guillermo Piñón in March 1978. He is Mexican and Argentinian. He received his education an Irish school in Buenos Aires, St. Ciaran´s School, where he learned to love from an early age literature, history, and languages. Already in secondary school he embraced the philosophy, branch by which would decide in his higher studies at the University of Buenos Aires.
By the year '95, he gets his first job in a national radio, FM La Tribu, where he produces and conducts his own show for the following three years.
A shift towards a new path: the audiovisual media. In the year 2000 he abandons the radio and starts working at Promofilm, renowned argentine-spanish production company. During 4 months assists production, then begins to produce, and shortly after achieves its goal of directing documentary series for television, all in the same year.
Directing and producing, the following three years will be of varied travel in different countries of Latin America where Guillermo confirms his deep love for the movies and documentary. One of these trips will take him to Mexico for a period of three months. This will be a definitive journey: at the age of 24 he decides to emigrate to Mexican lands.
During the first year of residence in Mexico, Guillermo addresses strongly its taste of traveling and works at Argos, also recognized TV and documentary production company at a national and international level, achieving the cementing of relations between Argos in Mexico and Pramer in Argentina. It is by this time that Piñón begins to approach the field of advertising, getting integrated as director and uninterrupted - exclusively for Garcia Bross Production Company - the following three years.
Also in 2005 directs a short film, called "Alone", which is lauded in the Official Selection of the Festival of Short Films from New York. At the age of 29 Guillermo had had already directed spots for brands such as Rexona, Sedal, Johnny Walker, General Electric, Coca Cola and Cuervo, among other brands.
At the age of 30 becomes creditor of the Second Call to Independent Productions, organized by Channel 22 in Mexico, with his screenplay "The Masters of Rock 1968-1971", the first film for television in his career which takes him through multiple festivals. This convinces Guillermo of its peculiar quality and unique style as well to open a new production company with a structure completely digitized by the: GP Films.
At the age of 31 years, he begins to direct productions on his own account of high cost for the internet to international level and consolidates GP Films position as production company for TV.
In 2011 que releases his first movie documentary, "Tras Rivelino", which traveled around the world in many films festivals. In 2013 que produces and directs the renown series for Latin America "El Luchador", the biggest A&E production for the region. In 2015 he is awarded as best script for his second documentary "José Revueltas, los días del hombre terrenal".
In 2015 he writes his first movie: "En Camino" ("On the way").
He continues developing, directing and producing with A&E, The History Channel, AXN, Channel 22, Channel 11, Lifetime, Nat Geo, Fox, Glitz and Discovery Channel.

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Writer Statement

The trip, in ritual terms, is growth: the passage from youth to adulthood, experience and processing; the renewal. The trip appeals to the evolution of the actors through the action, personal and collective metamorphosis to become better individuals.
With this background, our six characters - who are probably six archetypes that summarize one being - will face a journey of discovery of geographies, cultures and people, bringing a response to the personal and collective need.
These are premises we with identify and to which we aspire , and on which the film is mounted, building an exciting and dynamic story.
One that involves all of us, especially young people - with regard to faith, to work, to love, the effect of man on nature, life in the city, violence and limits of good and evil.
The context is spectacular: the ethnic, geographical, cultural and natural diversity of Mexico: from the desert, through the jungle, to the top of the mountains and to the sea, the characters the pilgrims encounter on the road, their local customs and magnificence of the landscapes that are seen form the bicycles; the most beautiful and profound things of this land, ranging from the bloody reality and inexplicable magic with Mexico and life.
The main characters are memorable, deserve to be well-defined types, who, interacting, function as a single character of different facets, a solid unit that works based on the relationships that exist between the parties. This will be the key to the dynamics of the overall film.
The film combines elements that make it widely attractive: dazzling scenes, endearing characters, extraordinary adventures, humor, romance and excitement. Two main components into play: a deep, strong and dynamic content, and the possibility of developing a captivating aesthetics.
It is a film for a wide audience, a sensitive dynamic story with indelible characters.
"On the way" it is a small epic of our times.