On her own, opportunist, ingenuous, and some times simply unaware, Martina is a heroine of our times, experiencing two very different journeys in life. The earthly path where she chooses to become part of the drug dealing world as a way of living within a country which is at war; and the surrealistic way, where she starts making lysergic trips to the deepest side of her mind, looking for a little light that will set her free from sadness of having lost her parents.
Synesthesia is Martina’s story, but it is also about a drug dealers organization made up by several strange beings who illustrate different social classes and different ways of seeing and appreciating life. Each one of them has his own enemy and his own fate.
The movie is a small reflection of a stupid system whose result is the crimination of the youth.

    Key Cast
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 23 minutes 33 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 12, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    53,000 USD
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  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival
    September 9, 2016
    official selection
  • Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival
    October 1, 2016
    official selection
  • Los Angeles CineFest
    Los Angeles
    United States
Director Biography - RODRIGO ORTEGA ORTUÑO

Fecha de nacimiento: 15 de Noviembre, 1978
Nacionalidad: Mexicana
Teléfono: 04455 19042129

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Director Statement


At the end of the decade of the nineties, when I entered college, my marijuana consumption stopped being merely playful and turned into a habit. At some moment I got the need to buy my own grass, and in doing this, without looking for it, I scratched the surface of drug dealing.
To buy something illegal (marihuana is illegal in México) for the first time is always a risky situation, and, at times, frightening. You do not know who you are going to meet and, with the whole media schizophrenia concerning drug trafficking, you believe that all dealers turn their victims into soup.
In time you get to know your dealer better, and realize that he (or she) is a common person trying to get a better life, and that she has the skill of devoting herself to an illicit business successfully. In some cases, you can even become friends with them.

The media consider them to be one of the main diseases of the nation, they are blamed of poisoning society and of being the cancer that generates the violence, but this is just the rhetorics of the government to support a zone of illegality that is functional for them. I think this is such a wrong notion that I have decided to tell at least a part of their stories.
When I began to write about the matter, I had the fortune of being able to chat with some dealers, interview them in depth and know more of their lives. I know that my information is not statistical, but none of the people that I interviewed were carrying weapons. In fact, one of them was very polite. I remember that we ended up talking about the shape of the universe.
Fear is an every day thing, and all of them were consuming the same drugs they were selling (marijuana, MDMA, LSD, DMT, ketamine, etc.).
Martina, the main character of my history, is an amalgam of small statements of drug dealers. It is, to some extent, the reflection of a ridiculous system that criminalizes the youth.

Martina is not a complex character, but she is a two-dimensional personage. She has nightmares about the death of her parents and moments of illumination detonated by the consumption of her own goods (LSD). Martina is the heroine both earthly and realistically, and abstract and surrealistically.
The prominent figures represent the basic structure of the drug business, the different social classes and the different ways of seeing and estimating life. Each one has his own enemy, his own character and his own destination.
The scenario is small: a Mexico City represented by few locations, a classist and destructive social environment, familiar non-conventional structures and an environment of loneliness and individualism that is very typical of big cities.
The narrative structure of Synesthesia is linear, simple, without explosive dramatic points, without action sequences or philosophical dialogues; it is flat, very similar to what the ordinary world is like for me.