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Alberto Jones and the H2O of Romo

Seven students in a modern day high school creative writing class try to come up with an original horror story they can collaborate on as a class. The senior slacker’s idea, a deadly virus passed by yawning, becomes a real mystery which they must solve before time runs out to save their blossoming romances as well as their small west Texas town.

  • Ty Caudle
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    Comedy and Romance, Horror
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    United States
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  • Filmmatic Screenplay Awards 2019 - Finalist - Comedy
  • Screenplay Festival - 2018 - Comedy - Finalist
  • StoryPros Awards Contest - 2018 - Comedy - Quarterfinalist
Writer Biography - Ty Caudle

My full name is Randall Tyson Caudle. I go by Ty Caudle. I am a high school foreign language teacher at Bethel High School in Oklahoma. I teach French and Spanish. I am married and we have five beautiful children.

I published one book of poetry in 2006 with Holy Fire Publishing, Three Seasons: The Anthology of a Lifetime, in honor of my late grandparents.

My first completed screenplay was Dark Angel, a civil war drama about the internal and external conflicts we all face in life. My next project was the science-fiction trilogy, Mecha War: Cells, Mecha War: Decrypted, and Mecha War: Winter of Discontent. I have also recently completed a prequel for the Mecha War trilogy, El Matador: A Mecha War Perspective. My latest efforts include just completing the screenplay for the comedy, romance, and horror genres, i.e., Alberto Jones and the H2O of Romo.

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Writer Statement

In 2010, an outstanding student from my school died in a car accident. His name is Kyle Lewis. Since then, I began to write screenplays that may inspire people despite tragic circumstances in life.

Everything I write will have faith elements mixed in with various genres.