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Lord Change My Heart

This film is about a newly happily married couple James and Janice Coombs who suffer through a tragic accident which leaves Janice wondering away from her faith in God. She finds comfort in many areas of encouragement from co-workers to friends and a mysterious Therapist. Janice realizes she needs God to change her heart and to give her a heart of forgiveness.

    Playwright for two stage plays "Lord Change My Heart", He Who Finds a Wife, Finds a Good Thing". Author of three books: Divine Women of God, Donovan Shoes, Spiritual Expressions, A Perfect Pet for Jaime 2016 children's book currently in production
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    Screenplay, Stage Play, Television Script
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    United States
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  • Christian Film Festival
    Newport News, VA
    May 8, 2017
    Best Script Award
Writer Biography - TAMALA J. COLEMAN

Tamala J. Coleman
Playwright, Producer & Author/Director

Born in Nurenburg, Germany, Tamala currently resides in Powder Springs, Georgia. As a little girl becoming a writer would only become a dream for Tamala. Even far into adulthood would her dream become a reality in 2007 with her first published poetry book. Since that time writing has become a part of her daily inspiration from words of encouragement to inspirational expressions.
Tamala is the Author of published books such as:
“Spiritual Expressions”
“Donovan’s Shoes”
“Divine Women of God”
The dream continues as Tamala venture’s into much higher levels of writing. In 2014, Tamala had the opportunity to spread her wings as the Playwright and Co-Director of her very first stage play “Lord Change My Heart” under MoveNewz Productions.
This venture quickly developed into more Stage Plays:
“He Who Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing” “Churchy Folks” currently in production under her very own production company “TC Praise Productions LLC.” Tamala has written/directed her first film based from Stage Play “Lord Change My Heart.” Tamala hopes to generate more films and to touch the hearts of many as she achieves much more on this journey.

Many Blessings

Tamala J. Coleman

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When you dream don't just dream. Let the vision manifest write it down and make it plain.

Tamala Coleman