You thought you taught me,
No you owned me,
Lead me on,
Wishing you'd fall for me

I'm weak, hidden naive
Begging for you

Captivating eyes,
Bored my heart,
Hands brushed me cheek,
Speechless, I'm wordless
Shy, you took my strength and
Dropped it at the door
Now crying on the floor
I'll play your game better
A guys dream,
faith for you is as low as my old esteem,
Once I'm gone will you miss me,
Wish you kissed me,

I wink goodbye,
Leaving you dumbfounded,
Disappeared beneath my exit,
Will you miss me,
I played your game,
I played it better,
Entering your the player I'm the
Now the tables have turned except,
I played your game better,
Fiercely, and I only had to break one heart,
Evil and dismaying you've become,
Don't deceive me as I play your game
Your begging for me
As I walk away
From this game you call love

  • Marlee Parrish
  • Marlee
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    Lyrics Only
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    Alternative, pop, electropop
  • Length:
    2 minutes 19 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 13, 2016
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    United States
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