Samantha (Sam) and Sasha have been friends forever. Sam, a native to CA, met Sasha in 5th grade when she moved to CA with her father after Sasha’s Mother abandoned them in the middle of the night. Sam and Sasha immediately became inseparable after discovering a common love of music. They both graduated from high school and then later roomed together in college while Sam continued to study Music and Sasha majored in Public Relations and Marketing. After graduating, they took the ‘leap year’ (which turned into two) in order for Sam’s band to tour while Sasha managed Sam’s band schedule, social media, and PR events. Then, one night after a gig, Sam met Ian who happened to be an up and coming agent for a major label that was looking to expand to the East Coast. Despite a bit of an age difference, sparks flew immediately between the two of them and they found themselves helplessly in love. The story opens after the news of Sam’s acceptance into a Grad program in Boston during the simultaneous promotion of Ian to help open and head up the East Coast office in the same city. Sasha immediately feels the ensuing and undeniable loss of a childhood friend moving across country. Desperate to hold on, Sasha blames Ian for so selfishly monopolizing her BFF every minute up until the move. They’ve only known each other for a year and now Sam is moving across country with him? Is he even good enough for her? Can he be trusted to take care of Sam the way she always has? At the peak of all this a photoshopped private photo from Sam’s past has been leaked, threatening to ruin her budding musical career and chances of the Grad Program. Samantha finds herself wondering who and why someone would want to destroy her. With the power of the all anonymous internet, its hard to tell who she can trust.

  • Austin Musick
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    Suspense, Drama
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Writer Biography - Austin Musick

The oldest of seven children, Austin is originally from East Tennessee where she grew up hunting, camping, and fearlessly exploring the Great Smoky Mountains located right there in her back yard. Austin's unique mix of Japanese, Cherokee/Native American descent caught the eye of a modeling agency while she was in high school. Because of her participation in Basketball, Track, Tennis, and Soccer, Austin was immediately dubbed a fitness model and began booking many jobs locally within that market. (Later she was gratefully featured on the cover of Newsweek Magazine!)

It wasn't until college that Austin caught her acting bug. She was first studying to be a Criminal Profiler while attending the University of Tennessee, notoriously known for it's 'Body Farm,' when she decided to take an elective class in Theatre (with the idea that perhaps one day she would work undercover and need to 'play' someone else. Little did she know that the mixture of character breakdown/intention investigation combined with the pure adrenaline rush of standing on a stage/moving an audience would prove to be a highly addictive passion. She immediately changed her major and earned her BA of Theatre degree there at UT and then went on to study at The American Academy of Dramatics Arts and The Atlantic Theatre Conservatory in NYC. Since then, she has also studied with some of the greats, including Larry Moss, Bob Krakower, Annie Grindlay, Joseph Pearlman, and Richard Schiff. She is also a member/student at The Ruskin Theatre Group and InterAct LA.

Austin's first film "Point of Fear" directed by Brooks Benjamin and co-starring Jason Benjamin won her the Bare Bones Festival award for "Best Upcoming Actress" in the thriller/horror category. After making her way from TN to NYC where she worked consistently in television and commercials including the final season of of "Rescue Me," directly across from Dennis Leary. Then, the Writer's strike came in combination with the death of her beloved Mother who had raised Austin and her siblings all on her own. It was the sudden loss that inspired Austin to embrace the mantra "Seize the Day" therefore sparking the move out West. Austin now resides in CA as a single Mother with her two daughter's. She can be found as a series regular in the pilot "The Bathroom Diaries" as well as a funny supporting character in the feature film "The Lonely Italian," which is directed my Emmy award winning Lee Farber.

Austin is also considered an up and coming writer who has already won an award in The Hollywood Screenplay Contest (Thriller category) as well has been a semi-finalist in the Academy Nicholl's competition. She has two feature screenplays currently being pitched for option this year (2017.)

In addition, Austin Musick is the proud owner of the newly formed production company That's Money Entertainment, that in 2016 produced the short film #BFF as well as a Political Campaign spoof titled "A Trumped Birthday."

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Writer Statement

I originally approached this film with the intent to show the power and danger of the internet. However, while the internet remained a large theme, I found myself adopting another pertinent message exploring the evolution of a friendship when one friend finds themselves in a relationship with a new lover and the ‘honeymoon phase’ threatens the time and commitment of the original childhood friendship. Almost everyone I have ever known understands this inevitable process with their peers and I wanted to show the perspectives from both sides, but with a little twist for fun. What happens when you find yourself torn between two people that you love? Does tenure rank over romance? Does love, whether platonic or romantic render ‘ownership’ of a person and if so, how far will one go to protect their territory?