Hey You !

This short is a silent movie, no dialogues, just music.

A lady, factory owner, in her office after closing hours. She notices in the security monitors a little boy running around near a man cleaning the machine shop. Furious for the intrusion and the possible danger for the child, she runs out of the office to the working area, full of silent machines. The woman asks the man who is the child and where he’s hidding him. The man afraid, denies.

Running around the building, the little boy discovers old fashioned film cameras and tripods and is fascinated; the lady sees him, he runs away. She smirks and goes after him.

The hide and seek goes on around the factory till the little boy finally dissapears through an outdoor metal door decorated with a gigantic mural with a giant “HEY YOU !”, an old film camera, a director’s chair, film rolls, a Kid with hat and a “Laboratoire Lumière” sign.

The lady goes after him and… enters a magical New York City Avenue, in front of the “Laboratoire Lumière”…the child, now dressed as the Kid sees her and waves, then runs away in the deserted Avenue. She starts looking for him, when the cleaning man from the factory comes out of a building, now dressed and behaving as Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp with his pair of baggy pants, a tight coat, a small bowler hat, a large pair of shoes, a cane and the famous small mustache.

The Kid tosses a red ball at the lady, she picks it up while the Tramp and Kid walk away saluting and dissapearing through a building door…She enters too and is enwrapped in total darkness, with the red ball tight in her hand she walks in watching a Charlie Chaplin shadow lighting up. She faces a small stage.
In rapture, she watches this small theater, lit by golden lights; the performace of the Kid and the Tramp in a compendium of Chaplin’s film “The KID” where the Tramp acts as the Kid’s father, and when the Kid falls sick, the Lady undergoes a metamorphosis and changes into the mother of the Kid, wearing a 1920’s dress, nestling him until he feels better…The Kid goes back to the Tramp and on his way out turns to the saddened lady saying “HEY YOU !” and calling her to him.
The lady and the Kid, hand in hand ride off joyfully into the sunset of the Appian Way.

  • Maria Rosaria Omaggio
  • Maria Rosaria Omaggio
  • Jacques Lipkau Goyard
  • Maria Rosaria Omaggio - Brian Latini - Roberto Fazioli - Francesca di Franco - and introducing Gabriele Luca Davoli as the "Kid".
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 45 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2015
  • Country of Origin:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • UNICEF event at GIFFONI Film Festival (Italy, 2015)
    July 20, 2015
    April 29, 2016
    "Jury Award" for best short film
Director Biography - Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Maria Rosaria Omaggio is an actress became popular in Italy very young through cinema and television, but most of all performing on stage. She is also writer and director.
For her commitment to social issues is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005. Languages: Spanish, English and French.
Skills: Instructor Yang style Taijiquan of the Grand Master Li Rong Mei school, Golf Handicap.
CINEMA: With the short film Hey You! she won the Jury Prize 2016 during the ninth edition of the International Short Film Festival "Tulips of Black Silk" in collaboration with RAI Cinema. At the Giffoni Film Festival 2015 it was the preview of Hey You!, that she wrote, directed and performed with music of PFM- Premiata Forneria Marconi; it is produced by Jacques Lipkau Goyard and Human Touch Productions. With the film Walesa-Man of Hope by Andrzej Wajda, which premiered in September 2013 during the 70th Venice International Film Festival and TIFF in Toronto (2013), in which she played the role of Oriana Fallaci, she won the Pasinetti Award, the golden Arechi of the 67th Festival of Salerno cinema and Oriana Fallaci prize 2014. She starred a cameo in To Rome with love by Woody Allen (2012). In October 2013, she was invited at the Nice International Film Festival because of starring in Bloody sin directed by Domiziano Cristopharo, who already directed her in The museum of wonders in 2010. With the young director Simone Barbetti she is in the short film Shortcuts, selected for Giffoni 2010 and Cortinametraggi Silver Ribbon 2011. She plays the role of Elsa Morante in Guido Rossa by Giuseppe Ferrara co starring with Massimo Ghini and Gianmarco Tognazzi. She has also starred in: Rome at gunpoint and The Cop in blue jeans, all both co starring with Tomas Milian - La lozana andalusa, film shot in Spanish, by Vicente Escrivá, under whose direction also plays two movies shot in Valenciano inspired by the novel Visanteta’s Virgo – Culo e camicia by Pasquale Festa Campanile - It was a dark and stormy night, by and with Alessandro Benvenuti - Rimini year after by Corbucci - II Generale by Luigi Magni co starring with Franco Nero, Erland Josephson and Jacques Perrin. She played in English Adventures of Hercules co starring with Lou Ferrigno and also Nightmare city with Paco Rabal and Mel Ferrer. Jean Claude Lubjansky, directed her playing in French in Four sided triangle starring with François Marthouret and Alain Maratrat. Muzzi Loffredo directed her, playing several roles, in Black eye, eye blond, feline eye....., film presented at the Venice Film Festival XL and in the MoMA in New York. She is the protagonist of Another her, Intolerance film's segment, written and directed by Rocco Mortelliti, awarded during the New York Festival. In 2008 she shot two short films: Adagio by Patrizio Cigliano and End of tv broadcasts by Marcello Cotugno.
TELEVISION: For the next tv season 2016-2017, in the role of Roberta Moretti, she filmed in Madrid La Sonata del silencio, international series in 9 episodes drawn from the eponymous best seller by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica. On RAI 1 in the TV movie At headlights off in the night, Anna Negri directed her playing in the role of an alcoholic mother. Among her fictions note: Don Matteo with Terence Hill and from her beginnings, Fantastic stories by Daniele D'Anza with Vittorio Mezzogiorno, the Feydeau’s play Couturier pour dames with Alberto Lionello, Stars on fire by Italo Moscati with Massimo Venturiello, Ivy and Passions, both directed by Fabrizio Costa, Micaela shot in Argentina where she played in Spanish language, Dear Master 2 and Leo and Beo, both directed by Rossella lzzo, for which he also starred in A woman as a friend. Alive in French, after having performed under the direction of Robert Mazoyer, who entrusted for her the role of Pauline Bonaparte in the European television series Josephine, la comedie de les ambitions, she was been chosen by Christian-Jaque for the tv movie The suitcase for the Indies
and The Suez man co starring with Guy Marchand. Directed by Serge Nicolaescu, she interpreted Badesse Huguette in Francois Villon, co production France and Germany. On April 2001, she starred Mafia’s Women by Giuseppe Ferrara, film in two episodes produced by RAI Fiction. In the same year she was the guest star of the RAI 3 serial The Police Team. Including TV shows are noted: after her debut in the '73 -'74 Canzonissima with Pippo Baudo, Orchestra tells us about and Two by everything by Enzo Trapani, Vanity with Lando Buzzanca directed by Giorgio Capitani, All included co starring with Boldi and Teocoli, directed by Giancarlo Nicotra. For Unbelievable, 13 tv episodes on the mysteries produced by RAI 2, she was also the author.
THEATER: In The Oriana’s words - Tribute to Fallaci in concert she tells Oriana Fallaci's life, using a montage of her exact words choosed from her many works: the recital is a sort of conference on the piano music with Cristiana Pegoraro. Her show Homage to you, accompanied by flute, accordion and sax of Maestro Andrea Pelusi, opened the 2015/2016 season at the Roman Theater of Tanners, to celebrate her 30 years on stage. During the summer of 2015 she was protagonist of MeDea-variations on the myth, by and with Maurizio Donadoni. March 5, 2015 staged again Diatribe of love against a seated man, the only play by the great Colombian Nobel author Gabriel García Márquez, with a new staging directed by Emanuela Giordano. As the best event of the Roman Carnival 2015 she signed the script with the director Francesco Sala and she performed in Christina of Sweden, Queen in Rome, starring with Alessandro Benvenuti. Care planning and theatrical text for a Tribute to Gabriel García Márquez: imaginary interview performed with Massimo Dapporto and the full reading in Marathon with 150 collegues of One Hundred Years of Solitude. For Memorial Day 2014 interprets the AntiSemitism, a monologue by Oriana Fallaci, on stage and in concert with Maestro Luis Bacalov. He staged and performed for the closing of the Jewish Literature Festival 2013, opened by Roberto Saviano, If This Is a Man-In memory of Primo Levi, with choreography by Mario Piazza. For the 2012-13 season she set up and directed Golda's Balcony by William Gibson, that she translated and adapted in Italian, with Paola Gassman in the role of Golda Meir and with music by Luis Bacalov, on tour also for the Abruzzo National Theatre during the season 2013-14. She was Graciela, opening of the 2007/08 ETI-Ente Teatrale Italiano season, directed by Alessandro D'Alatri in Diatribe of love against a seated man, the only play by Gabriel García Márquez, from whom she received the exclusive performing rights for Italy. The book is published in the Oscar Mondadori. In 2006 she interpreted Women’s words and El dia que te quieras, both the shows collaborating with David Cavuti accordionist. She is the creator of The Theatre for Unicef, for which she involved almost 100 colleagues and ten famous authors, as Maraini, La Capria, Camilleri, Merini, Bevilacqua, Comencini, Tani, Erba, Cavosi, Franceschi and all of them wrote specifically performances for children. On autumn 2005 she opened the season 2005/06 of the Teatro Vittoria in Rome with Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward directed by Attilio Corsini. During the year 2003 she was on stage with La Venexiana directed by Beppe Arena, which also directed her in Phaedra by Seneca. In her long carreer we note from her debut: she was The Oriental slave by Carlo Goldoni, the protagonist of the play A Saint riding broom written and directed by Luigi Magni, opening the new Teatro Della Cometa in Rome and The Claudio’s wife by Alexandre Dumas. She performed with Mario Scaccia in The sign by Jacopone, she interpreted Grazia Deledda e Maria Carta in Grazia and Maria directed by Maria Assunta Calvise, played the monologue from Filumena Marturano by De Filippo directed by Enrico Maria Lamanna and in Shakespeare horror show she starred on stage Henry V, Othello, Romeo and Juliet directed by Claudio Boccaccini. For this opera she was awarded with Premio Randone 2000. In the 2000/01 season she starred with Pietro Longhi Under a school desk, comedy by Domenico Starnone and directed by Silvio Giordani. During the Spoleto Festival 2001 she starred Gin and tonic, a play written and directed by Silvano Spada, the only show of prose replicated throughout the duration of the festival in the Caio Melisso theater. In 2002 she interpreted verses of peace by Cesare Pavese for Butterfly and Parriots at the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome with Franco Nero and Carla Fracci. In summer 2002 she made her debut at the Villa Adriana in Tivoli with Women, the knights, arms... I sing, a Renaissance evening tour directed by Paul Todisco.
MUSIC: On May 24, 2015 for the centenary of the First World War she directed The battlefront of women by and with Lucilla Galeazzi and LeVocidOro choir and she starred in the prologue Talk a woman of Matilde Serao too. She was director, text author and interpreter of history between D'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse in D’Annunzio’s feelings. Back to interpret The song of Dido, directing the preparation and translating by the Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid, VII by the Epistle of Ovid and lyrics by Ungaretti, a melologue on several classical music themes for Dido Abandoned for soprano, chorus and piano. In 2007 he directed and starred in Histoire du soldat by Igor Stravinsky-Ramuz. She is author and producer of the
entire chiamalavita project, Recital in concert broadcast by RAI On Stage, presented in Benevento City Entertainment and arrived in the Auditorium of the UN Glass Palace in November 2005. The theatrical event, performed in many Italian cities, is playing on the theme of war and UNICEF which granted movies and touching photos of children affected by armed conflicts. She wrote and set up the text by works by Italo Calvino, organizing it on music and songs (four of them written by Calvino on Sergio Liberovici music) with singer Grazia Di Michele and the musicians Andrea Pelusi, Livio Matrone and Filippo De Laura. In April 2005, Rai Trade has published the CD, also designing to raise awareness of Calvin lyricist. The proceeds helped UNICEF Italy to build sewers and drinking water wells to save about 2350 iraqueni children. She was the design and the creator of the recital of Futurist poems Zang tumb tumb FuturismOggi, Entertainment magnetic theater concert with Livio Matrone on 64 percussions and with as supervisor director Enrico Maria Lamanna., The show was also graphically developed for video wall installation in London. On the occasion of the Jubilee 2000 she was starring with Mariano Rigillo on lyrics by Vincenzo De Vivo and Baget Bozzo, the opera Passio et resurrectio composed by Master Sergio Rendine for large orchestra, the Solisti Aquilani chorus and Enzo Gragnaniello soloist, replicated in Easter 2007. the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma has entrusted her in 2001 for I heard the voice, I heard the cry taken from the Medea of Euripides, melodrama in three movements composed by Maestro Alessandro Cusatelli, for voice, cello, percussion and orchestra synthesized computer. In December 2003 in Taormina-Arte she was on stage with The Rock, opera by Vincenzo Spampinato, with Oriella Dorella étoile. The Impresario by W. A. Mozart, opera conducted by Maestro Giuranna and staged by Tonino Del Colle, represents her first step of a successful collaboration with musicians. She goes on with George and Chopinsky, letters between George Sand and Chopin, a concert with Luca Lionello actor and Roberto Parrozzani pianist - Words on edge of the water, from D'Annunzio with A. Paolini at the piano - Alba Italica by Leoncavallo-Belvedere, a tribute to G. Mameli with the orchestra conducted by Maestro Bonavolontà, for which he also recorded Das Lied Von Der Erde (the songs of the earth) by Mahler - Incidental Music, by Maestro Antonio Di Pofi, with Leopoldo Mastelloni - Missa de Beatificatione, broadcast around the world from the Vatican’s Nervi Hall in honor of Padre Pio's beatification, composed by Maestro Sergio Rendine and lyrics by Francesco Zimei, opera conducted by Maurizio Dones, with José Carreras as soloist.
RADIO: She was seventeen years old only when she debuted with The riser and following successful programs such as Hi guys and You and me. From 1981-82-83-84 she writes and leads White Paper and she is rewarded with a silver microphone for the best audience). In 1985 she cooperates with Radio Montecarlo. From 2003 to 2006 she was narrator of Radio Rai3 for the series La Storia in giallo, edited by Idalberto Fei. Significant for Radiorai3 she is the author and she interprets the great journalist Oriana Fallaci in two episodes for Scarlet Red, a broadcast by Antonella Ferrera. Since 2010 she also collaborates with Vatican Radio in Words and Pages - Impossible Meetings edited by Laura De Luca: she writes and performs Oriana Fallaci, Oriana Fallaci interview Golda Meir with Paola Gassman in the role of Golda, The smile, Cornelia mother of the Gracchi, and the Volcano.
BOOKS: The last publication by Baldini & Castoldi Dalai Editors is: The language of the jewels - The hidden meaning and refound of the eternal adornment art from A to Z, for which she won the Premio Alfredo Cattabiani. She published Unbelievable Journey, essay with which she won, among others, the Fregene Literary Award - Transparent Healing Energy with crystals, precious stones and metals, translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese and German and reprint for XVII editions in Italy, for which it has been asked for a re-release with update. For the video-book Healing with crystals, gems and metals she is author and director too. The tales Once upon a time, there is always and there will still be, edited by Corbaccio-Longanesi, was awarded with Chiantino Prize 1999.
AWARDS: 2016 Jury Prize for Best Short film Tulips Black Silk and RAI Cinema, to the short film Hey You! by and with Maria Rosaria Omaggio - FormiaFilmFestival career achievement award 2015 - Award Oriana Fallaci in 2014 Florence - Prize San Valentino Terni 2014. For the film "Walesa-The man of hope" at the 70th Venice Film Festival in Venice in 2013, she was awarded the Pasinetti Award honorable mention for his portrayal of Oriana Fallaci, in the 67th International Film Festival Salerno Salerno receives the 2013 Golden Arechi "for her masterful performance in Wajda's film" and in Rome the Palladium Prize for Lifetime Achievement. Best director Shadow of the evening-Volterra Theater 2012 for "Golda's Balcony" by William Gibson. In addition to three Silver Masks, a Gromo plaque to Saint Vincent Golden Grolle, a Golden Ticket in Taormina, Camelot in San Sebastian Festival and Peña Valentin in Spain, the best performer at the Festival des films des femmes in France, she
received the Salvo Randone award in 2000 for Shakespeare horror show - Campidoglio Woman's culture prize (2007) - L'Aquila d'oro in 2009 for her portrayal of Graciela in "Diatribe of love against a seated man" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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Director Statement

Director’s statement
One sizzling Spring evening at a small offbeat Roman theatre, I was moved and enthused by a simple, yet intense, stage performance that sparked to me as the inspiration to make
this short film.
Watching the actors, their remarkable mimic and - best of all - the harmonious staging of the young leading boy playing The Kid gave me the impulse to film my emotions.
The short film’s story, reflects blended inspirations of youthful creativity with solid longestablished theatrical tradition. Theatrical events take place in real time, while motion pictures are the performers constant revival.
“Hey You” is an artist’s tribute to Charlie Chaplin, to mark the centenary of his creation, The Tramp.
The leading character - a lady Ceo, facing daily setbacks of real life - is involved in following the Kid’s red ball into a different dimension, not only metaphorically, but as a visionary dream leading to a different reality.
The are no B&W citations, still at times bestowing Chaplinian behaviors, colors go from vivid contrasts to warm golden shades as only Roman colors have.
“Hey You” is a silent movie, no dialogues, only one final cue from the Kid and as in old silent movies, the soundtrack prevails giving a narrative rhythm with classical masterpieces in a modern modus.
The complicity, friendship and high competence of Italian film industry pros made this short film, a dream come through.