Feng Shwag

Our proposal is to create an installation space that resembles a kind of living room, table, chairs, a window, a full sized mannequin--everything is blank, totally white, even the floor. The furniture is either clear, white, or constructed out of various transparent plastic materials we will find. A website will be designed to be projected onto the space. Elements/objects within the space will receive projections designated specifically for them, however the alternation between the two users will create a revelatory conjoined effort, visually and sonically. Each projector will be linked to a free standing wireless mouse that when clicked will activate a new page in the website causing objects in the room to transform their skins. The combinations will be multiple making it so that new arrangements between skins appear all the time. The skins are animations and include sound bites (songs, noises, text) as well, so the experience of clicking the mouses resembles that of mixing sounds, collaging images, or arranging objects in a room according to feng shui. Various combinations of skins will result in various effects of mood.

By clicking on various objects with the cursor, users will be able to alter the arrangement of the room, object by object. Occasionally certain arrangements cause all skins and sounds to swell up to a blindingly bright white.

Parallel to this in a nearby space will also be running on loop more of our collaborated videos on 3 or 4 screens with attached headphones, these will further communicate a context of signs, symbology, and movement which we are employing as vehicles for a range of ideas, see an example here http://onlineresource.co.uk/condescent.html

As far as equipment needs go, for the installation we'll need 2 projectors, 2 laptops, 2 wireless mouses, 2 sets of speakers. We probably can get the projectors, if there are laptops we can borrow that would be convenient but we could probably find those too. We don't have the wireless mouses or the speakers.
All other materials will be found and brought in by us.
Also we will need WiFi.

Running parallel to the installation, in a separate space nearby, will be 3 to 5 video screens playing our video collaborations (these are separate from the site animations but have a relation) on loop, each monitor having its own devoted set headphones.

We will need 3-5 days for install, roughly.

This is our proposal, we hope you enjoy to imagine it, all the best.


  • AnnDunham/CharlieGivens
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    Web / New Media
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    United States
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    Phone camera / digital animation
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Director - AnnDunham/CharlieGivens