The Noise of Departing Train

The train of life brings a wonderful boy to this world of ours, a boy who was to be the young couple's first child. The woman is pregnant, but the couple accept the arrival of the kid as an undesirable obstacle. "Will he be or will he not?" The boy is looking forward to getting a 'yes' or 'no' answer from his parents. But, alas, both the time and the world are cold and indifferent, and eventually the young man escapes from responsibility, easily passing over the right of making a decision to her, who in her turn prefers her personal comfort and convenience. Heartlessly, the parents reject the kid's birth, and without any remorse ask for the intervention of the doctor who was to artificially interrupt the unborn life of the boy.
Throughout the whole film the unborn child with his sparkling eyes watches about trying to understand the cold and the indifferent world, and in the end is overcome by the sense of abandonment and despair. He can do nothing but return to the station from where he came. The station is full of abandoned children who could come, and in fact, did come to make the world more beautiful. Each of these children at the station is unique in his own way, and the melancholic atmosphere shows the world which has rejected the genius of tomorrow.
The train is approaching the station. The noise of the departing train, with the children aboard, takes tomorrow's light and beauty along with it.

  • Anna BAyatyan
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    Short Script
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  • Armenia
    June 11, 2016

  • June 11, 2016
Writer - Anna BAyatyan