today is friday it time to fry Im going to do it dont ask why
living as my brother may not be lit that why i love him a little bit
Its 3rd base catcher is a disgrace when you get home split on his face
One day i will ride some great white sharks just look at those dumb mc d archs
i am all over my bro dumb girl sometimes over all he makes me hurl
peoples shoes are fake mine are real the fakes i ill throw down my lake because they are fake
look at my dab i broke your leg because my roast today you came in a cab
I dies in 911 im living the life jesus told me in heaven
he is fat as a pine when i rap i will shine
these 12 bullets you will have to share them deadpool ruled all of dem
he looks like a twig but not from a microscope he is a dot i pulled u from the block now im in the spot

  • dean breese
  • d-bomb
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    3 minutes 16 seconds
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    June 3, 2016
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    United States
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Artist Biography

d-bomb was born on August 31st 2004 lived with his 3 brothers mom and dad he was a triplet with drew and devin

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Artist Statement

he is a nice guy good raper