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S.T.A.R.S. (Science testing aimed at a rat’s survival), is a project set up by the government to increase the survival of the slowly decreasing rats’ population in the town of AARONSVILLE, North of England.
In today’s society, rats have become a lifeline for people. Their blood is used to heal the sick, but a worldwide virus killed off most of the population a few years ago. The virus was known as the rodent killer.
The local government set up a lab to help maintain the rats and to mate them for the future. The lab was safe from the virus.
Now, a few years later, a change has happened, a change within the rats has arrived. They have grown wise to the people and want out.
Scientists have been studying the rodents for a long time, but the rodents have begun to study them. They sit and watch the humans from behind their glass cages. They sit and plan an escape. Tonight, they will flee from the lab, flee to take revenge on the human race who thought it best to cage the things that didn’t want to be caged. Tonight, the town of AARONSVILLE will awaken once again with the scurrying of rodents, but this time the outcome will be different.


My story starts off with one-hundred rats escaping the university laboratory. They split up before one pack kills a farmer and his wife, while the other kills another farmer nearby.
Adam Sayer, the local police sergeant, receives a report at 5.00am that lab rats have gone missing, so he and his nephew, a police constable, have to investigate. That was two hours before the first attack. The rats are worth a lot of money because of their blood, so, if they are not found then sick people could die. Adam can’t find any clues as to who took them, but when a call comes in about the death of a local farmer’s dog, he sends two officers to the farm to investigate. After seeing the spot where the dog was found, the officers are left speechless after finding it gone. The chief inspector arrives on the farm to help search for the farmer, but rats rush out of a field and attack his car. The inspector, the officers, and the person who made the phone call have to barricade themselves inside the farmhouse to prevent the crazed rats from getting in.
At the local store, the storekeeper hears scratching coming from his stockroom. He calls on friends to help find out what’s making the noises, but after one of them lays down traps he is set upon by the rats, leaving him brutally wounded. All the men are trapped inside the store.
Soon the whole town hears about the rats, but most don’t believe that rats are attacking people. That changes once the survivors escape the store.
Pest control arrives at the farmhouse, but they are set upon and slaughtered, leaving the inspector to call in re-enforcements. Adam arrives with his nephew, padded up with riot gear. The rats attack them, but none are able to penetrate the padded clothing and thick helmets. The officers escape the rats and enter the farmhouse.
The milkman that works on the farm arrives to look for his boss, but after seeing his body lying in a cornfield, escapes onrushing rats by driving towards the farmhouse. There, everyone dives into his car to escape, but rats have punctured the tyres and the car stalls. Everyone leaves the car to fight off the rats, as they run towards Adam’s car.

The first quarter of my story revolves around those two cases, people scared and feeling helpless as they are trapped inside a building by something that’s supposed to be their saviour. The rest of my story is about the brave police officers trying to find an answer to it all. Adam Sayer, the sergeant, and Harvey Nickels, the chief inspector, are the main officers, but I have eight other officers involved in this. Each has a story of their own. An ex-nurse, who thought he could retrain as a police officer at fifty-years-old, a teenage, rookie, female cop with an attitude problem, the nephew, and a small band of officers who arrive to help from another town. Two of them have a love hate thing going on all through the story, but have to work together.
The science lab wants the rats trapped, but as more people fall victim to the hungry vermin, including the police, the officers have to forget about how useful the rodents are to the human race and just kill them. That’s if they can.
The reason for the violent behaviour of the rats lies within the professor of the laboratory, and what he has fed them. A missing worker turns out to be the food used to make the blood of the rats more powerful and more useful for the doctors, but no one knew about it. Now it’s a war between human and rodent, as Aaronsville is under attack.

  • Lee Andrew Taylor
  • Ed Kowalski
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Writer Biography - Lee Andrew Taylor, Ed Kowalski

Starting from what I am writing now and going back to what I have written, this is what I've been up to - Right now I am writing the first draft of a children's adventure story script, based on an idea my son and I came up with. It's title is - THE LAND AT THE END OF THE TREES - I've also written a vampire/dark comedy script based in the 1980's - BLOOD TWINS - A family based, serial killer script - THE CAT THAT FETCHES - and three novels, all in script form. THE S.T.A.R.S PROJECT (a killer rats story) - CLIFTON FALLS (a zombie drama) - BEDBUGS - Can you see them? (a sci-fi, man-eating insect story) - I also have a script written by my co-writer, based on an idea of mine for a zombie western story - ATTACK AT DEAD GULCH
Other projects I am working on are sequels to my novels, comics, with an artist starting on a comic version to my BEDBUGS story, and another doing a comic for my zombie western story.
In 2013, Elijah Wood's (Spectrevision) movie company asked to read my Bedbugs script, and a movie producer was keen to option it in 2015, but neither took it on in the end. I've had a few enquiries about my zombie western story, so maybe something will happen with that in the future, and I've had a young filmmaker keen to do something with my Clifton Falls story, but so far, nothing's been set in stone.

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