Return to Sender

Charlie is happily in love with Rose, his girlfriend, and sends her a series of love letters through the mail to convey his affection. One evening, however, while the two are at dinner, they have a fight. Charlie returns home and rashly writes a breakup letter. But when he goes to mail the letter, the mailbox will not accept it. The two begin to fight, and the mailbox ultimately takes off running. Infuriated by this time, Charlie chases the mailbox with letter in hand. The chase takes them on a journey throughout the city that lasts well into the night. Finally, the mailbox stops. Relieved, Charlie attempts to mail the letter a final time. However, before dropping the letter into the slot, Charlie looks up and realizes he’s standing in front of his girlfriend’s apartment. His eyes pan over, and he sees her crying in the window. Overcome with regret, Charlie appears crestfallen. Finally, at the behest of the mailbox, Charlie works up his courage and runs up the steps to Rose’s apartment. The two reconcile in the window, and the mailbox knowingly winks at the camera, having successfully saved the day.

  • Catherine Bailey
  • Catherine Bailey
  • Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Short
  • Runtime:
    2 minutes 35 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 12, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Catherine Bailey

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Cat Bailey learned at an early age to appreciate good architecture, good movies and good coffee. Prior to attending Ringling College of Art and Design, she earned a degree in communication and journalism from the University of Portland, and studied graphic design and illustration at Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Driven by a love for animation and film sparked by her father, a lifelong movie buff and local radio personality, Cat decided to make the leap from working as a public affairs specialist for the US government to pursue her true passion.

After careful consideration of animation programs far and near, she decided to attend Ringling based on its reputation for producing students ready to work as professionals in the competitive world of animation. It was a hard road getting there. The winter before she intended to apply, her father was diagnosed with leukemia. To help relieve the burden on her family, she took a hiatus from work and study to become a full-time caregiver prior to his death the following summer. It was her dad's dying wish that she pursue the career she loved, and emboldened by this faith in her, she finally applied to Ringling in the spring of 2012. To her astonishment, she was not only accepted but awarded the DreamWorks scholarship. Packing her dreams into a used Hyundai Accent she calls "Norman," she arrived on the Sarasota campus in August to begin her first fall semester.

After four years at Ringling, Cat is still surprised by the level of concentration and technical precision required in a profession many perceive as little more than "fun and games." Despite the long hours and hard work, she's happy to put her heart into becoming the best she can be at the "fantasy job" she's wanted for as long as she can remember. Armed with her degree, she hopes for a career as either a modeler or animator in the film industry. Her goal is to create art that heartens the soul and makes children smile.

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Director Statement

My purpose in art is to create images that tell a story in a way that is relatable and inspiring.