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The Despised

During a gun run in Mexico an outlaw motorcycle gang clashes with a violent narco cult hellbent on summoning the Aztec version of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Despised are a multicultural one percenter biker gang. They hunt down a pair of felonious financiers who have filched from them. They eliminate the parasites of the poor reacquiring their property. Then reunite at their clubhouse.

Their leader assigns them with the task of transporting weapons to a vigilante group in Mexico. There they cross paths with a suicidal priest who attempts self-annihilation every six hours. They deliver their shipment then unwind at a tawdry watering hole. All hell breaks loose. Two fighting factions wage war against each other with The Despised caught in the middle. The madcap massacre is interrupted by Nicolas Orea. Nicolas leads a fanatical cult that is attempting to bring forth the Aztec version of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Orea releases two of the already acquired abominations on the gangs which results in a bloodbath.

The few remaining members of The Despised unite with the priest and an overzealous female vigilante. The band of misfits decide to take the offensive on the murder and mayhem and hunt down the cult. They find Orea in a secret temple. It is here where evil and worse will battle for humanities privilege to persist.

  • Felix Fernando Ibarra
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    United States
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Writer - Felix Fernando Ibarra