Wind and a Prayer

During the final year of World War II, the Empire of Japan launched over 9,000 bomb-carrying hydrogen balloons into the Jet Stream. Over 1,000 reached their destination: North America. Manned flight was considered, but never attempted… Or was it?

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    United States
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  • Houston International Film Festival 2014
    Houston, Texas
    Platinum Remi Award (Best Drama Screenplay)
  • 2016 Kairos Prize (MovieGuide Awards)
    Los Angeles, CA
    February 5, 2016
    First Runner-Up
  • 2015 Creative World Screenplay Contest

  • 2016 Hollywood Screenplay Contest

    Grand Prize Winner
  • 2017 Southern California Screnplay Competition Semi-Finalist
Writer Biography

Harry Tyler Kleinman received a B.A. from Texas Tech University and later an M.A. in English from St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas. In addition to teaching English for Tulane University, Mr. Kleinman writes screenplays. "Wind and a Prayer" recently took First Runner-Up honors at the MovieGuide Awards in Los Angeles (Feb, 2016), as well as garnering Platinum for Best Drama in the 2014 Houston International Film Festival. Other works by Mr. Kleinman have won awards at various national and international screenplay competitions.

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Writer Statement

I adhere to no specific genre. When an idea strikes, I go with it. I recently completed my first "based on actual events" screenplay (Writing On The Wall). It was quite exciting to write, I hope it does well.