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Title: "Collision"

The theme of the short film "Collision" represents an interesting point of view on the relational dynamics linked to the idea of ​​aging understood as a phase of maturity. What is the right age to define oneself as mature enough to be able to face the responsibility of generating another life? Could the decision to terminate a pregnancy, just because it was conceived too early or too late according to the vision of a community, be a trend?

I who conceived my daughter at forty, for yesterday's society I would have already been considered a grandmother at this age. Today, however, it is normal to have a child very late. Society imposes a vision, suggests a lifestyle, influences trends and fashions. So it is society that chooses, no longer us, no longer the individual with his awareness of being existence, capable of choosing and thinking for himself. This is how aging, which is a natural process, becomes just a social prejudice.

My short film could be a reflection on people's ability to face challenges and overcome obstacles that arise along the path of life. The short film tells in just 4 minutes the moment in which the two protagonists, despite the difficulties and social prejudices, manage to find the inner strength to fight for what they believe in and for the future of their new family.I also highlight the importance of dialogue between different generations, as the protagonists, in order to face their trial, will seek support and wisdom from the elders of the community or from more "mature" figures who can help them overcome the difficulties. In this way, the short film highlights the importance of breaking down generational barriers and the theme of aging becomes a pretext to promote greater understanding and acceptance among the different age groups, with the wish that the world can be reborn from his "Collision", with an anthem that promotes life and fights prejudice.


"Collision" is a music short set in an intense and immersive atmosphere. The story revolves around two young protagonists, played by Sofia D'Elia and Riccardo Antonaci, who find themselves facing the most demanding test of their lives: an unexpected pregnancy.

The short film portrays the emotional journey and challenges the characters face as they navigate love, responsibility and societal expectations. Through evocative images and a compelling narrative, the short film explores the power of love and the determination needed to overcome obstacles.

Directed by Terry Paternoster, the film brings out a range of intense and authentic emotions, leaving viewers with a profound experience. The stunning visuals, combined with the carefully chosen soundtrack featuring the song "Collision" by Piero Ufo, blend together to create an immersive and touching visual experience.

Through a masterful use of light, color and framing, the short film captures the essence of a love story that challenges conventions and prejudices. "Collision" invites viewers to reflect on their emotions, acceptance and the importance of facing challenges with courage and determination.

In less than four minutes, "Collision" offers a profound and insightful look into the lives of two young individuals who are confronted with a complex and unexpected reality. The short film conveys a message of hope, unconditional love and resilience.

With "Collision", Piero Ufo, Terry Paternoster and a talented cast of actors have created a work that tugs at the heartstrings and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer's mind.

"Collision" is an exhilarating journey that invites viewers to delve into the depths of love and accept the challenges life presents, knowing that drive and determination can overcome any obstacle.

  • Terry Paternoster
  • Terry Paternoster
  • Savio Cannito
  • Pietro Fornarelli
  • Riccardo Antonaci
    Key Cast
    "Ragazzo 15 anni"
  • Sofia D'Elia
    Key Cast
    "Ragazza 15 anni"
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Music Video, Short, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 9, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    2,900 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Italian
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, Panasonic
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Terry Paternoster

Teresa Paternoster, an eclectic figure in the performing arts, is widely recognized for her talent and dedication. Her career has been graced with numerous awards, recognitions and collaborations with leading institutions, a testament to her outstanding contribution and dedication to artistic excellence. In 2008 she received the RadioRAI Microphone Crystal Award as best emerging actress, in 2013 the Scenario Award for Ustica for the investigative show "MEDEA BIG OIL" and in 2012 the Naples Fringe Festival Award. you have participated in successful programs such as "Amici di Maria De Filippi". Her passion forHe has written for important literary magazines such as "Nuovi Argomenti" (Mondadori) and has shared his vision of contemporary theater in significant publications edited by the DAMS of Bologna. His versatility and commitment to advancing his art continue to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary cultural landscape.

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Director Statement

"Collisione" is an extraordinary short film that speaks through the words of the homonymous song by Piero Ufo. It's a visual work of art that captures the intensity of emotion in a short 4-minute interlude.

In this short film, I have chosen to exploit the power of the images and expressions of the actors, without using dialogue lines. It was a fascinating creative process in which we worked on the emotional interpretation of the characters and their ability to communicate without words.

The intensity of "Collisione" lies in the perfect combination between Piero Ufo's music and engaging images. The short film is a visual experience that blends with the lyrics of the song, creating a deep emotional impact.

I hope viewers can appreciate the intensity and emotion that transpires from this short but powerful short film. It is a work that proves that even in a few minutes, stories can be told that touch the heart and leave a lasting impression.