Gentlemen Gunfighter

Ben Thompson rediscovers his life of hardship, bloodshed, love
and redemption while in pursuit of an outlaw that leads to his
death and that of his friend John King Fisher.

  • David R Pedrazine
    Love Death, My Tempest, To Serve and Protect, Duque
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  • Genres:
    Western, Drama, Historic
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Student Project:
  • Charleston International Film Festival
    Charleston, South Carolina
    July 13, 2012
Writer Biography - David R Pedrazine

D.R. Pedraza lives in San Antonio, Texas and is the CEO of DB Media Entertainment. A veteran of Desert Storm, Pedraza served nearly 10 years in the U.S. Army before embarking on a writing career which began with the iconic San Fernando Cathedral. Pedraza wrote a series of reenactments for the cathedral commemorating the arrival of the 13 Original Canary Island Families who founded the city of San Antonio. It was this time that he began researching his family history.

After 10 years of research, Pedraza embarked on the journey that was to become The Solomon Chronicles (TSC). The original title of the work was “A Traitor Amongst Us,” which is the name of Part Two of Book II – Revisions. In 2009, TSC was self published through iUniverse Publishing and renamed “The Solomon Chronicles: Sangre del Unico.”

Through DB Media Entertainment, Pedraza is also a creator of film and music and in 2012, his screenplay “Gentlemen Gunfighters” was named a finalist in the the Charleston International Film Festival (top 20 out of 1800 plus scripts) and is currently in development with Chip Mefford as the Director. Pedraza formed the DB Players, a group of actors and crew, and entered the 48-Hour Film Project and produced “To Serve and Protect” starring Patricia Vonne and Eric Reinholt.

In 2013, Pedraza, a writer for the Tex-Mex Fusion/Americana group The Michael Guerra Band had his song “Break Away” published as a part of the debut record for the band and which Guerra wrote the music for. The team of Guerra and Pedraza continue to collaborate on a number of projects to include MGB.

Also in 2013, Pedraza's screenplay “Wake Traci” was named a semi-finalist in “The Screenplay Contest.” Semi-finalist's are the top 10% of all screenplays considered. “Wake Traci” is in early development with a projected late 2017/early 2018 shoot date. Finally, over the holidays, MGB released a Christmas Song written by Guerra/Pedraza, “Santa Loves San Antone” under MGB Records.

In 2014, Pedraza wrote, produced and directed the short film “The Last Rose,” eight minute short which portrays the conversation of two women, total strangers, in opposite emotional states, that find they have more in common than at first glance. “The Last Rose” was an official entry into the Freedom Festival. In May, Pedraza formed D.R. Pedraza Music Publishing under Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and is planning on marketing his 80 plus songs catalog.

In August 2015, Pedraza reformed the DB Players and entered the 48-Hour Film Project producing “My Tempest” starring Jay Pennington and Javier Medellin. The film scored a nomination for Michael Guerra for Best Music Score.

Work began on Book Two of TSC which will be sub named “Revisions.” It was published through Amazon Publishing in 2014.

In 2016, the Michael Guerra Band was re-branded as Michael Guerra & The Nights Calling and are releasing the first single off the new record, “Such A Girl Like That” written/composed by the Pedraza/Guerra team.

We are currently in Pre-Production for our next short (and longest film to date), a Western entitled “Shay,” which is scheduled for a summer production.

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Writer Statement

Another version of this screenplay was a semifinalist in a prior festival. It was re-edited afterwards and what are you are reading is the most up to date version.