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Take the L

Kai leaves the nest with optimism as she heads West to begin a life queer and free in the progressive Bay. But just like all dreams, they soon come to an end as she learns the reality of navigating in a predominately male tech world where she’s both ignored and consumed. She eventually finds refuge with free-spirited Zoe, who also struggles with her own invisibility. But as the pressures to succeed test the boundaries of love, they both must learn when the toil of “playing the game” is greater than the “high.” And at some point, they will have to decide when it’s time to take the L.

  • Kim Washington
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    Drama, Comedy, Romance
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kim Washington

Kim Washington is a screenwriter, actor, and producer with a passion for writing stories about marginalized people with a magic realist lens. After spending a decade working in international development, she left her career in 2015 to pursue passion in filmmaking. Since then, her work has been featured at the Urban World Film Festival (2016 Finalist), America’s Rainbow Film Festival (2016, Finalist), Artist Alliance Short Screenplay (2016, Finalist), Los Angeles Cinefest (2016 Semi-Finalist) and Oaxaca Film Festival (2017 Selected). Her long-term vision is to own and manage a film company that produces art house films for under-represented audiences.

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