Photography - "Tepito for gangster"

Hello. I am very pleased that we are with you - colleagues. I invite you to be my partner to promote my film project.

  • Roman Lisichenko
  • Date Taken:
    May 12, 2015
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Camera:
    Panasonic dmc-gh3
  • ISO / Film:
    Tepito for gangster
  • Student Project:
  • Film Festival on Cannes
    August 4, 2015
    Grand Jury Prize
Artist Biography

The youngest creator of the movie project "Tepito for gangster" - Roman Vasilenko. He was barely 17 years old.

Roman aspiring screen writer and cameraman.
The film was made in collaboration with Vyacheslav Vladimirsky, who is the older brother of Roman.

Despite his young age, Roman takes part in many festivals and competitions.


Skype: tepitofg

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Artist Statement

Dear sirs,

Studio «Western Film Company» is pleased to represent you a new movie project "Tepito for gangster", created for the target audience of USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The film is based on real story has taken place at the beginning of 1929 in Chicago.
The idea of this message is to attract commercial and financial partners, to realize the movie project.

We need investors and producers.

All rights reserved © 2015

Our Film Company (WFC) is the only author and owner of this movie project.

Best regards,
“Western Film Company»

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