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49 Years After script

Synopsis: Sofia is a specially gifted person with the ability to look into "The Parallel World of the lost souls". She will be able to guide little Annie to understand that she also has the same gift, that it was given to them, so that they could offer deliverance to the lost souls that live among us.

  • Petra Terzi
    Dirty Roses
  • Thalia Alexiou
  • Michael Kokkinaris
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Treatment
  • Genres:
    Drama, Mystery, Humanitarian, Historical, Female driven, war, jews
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Petra Terzi, Thalia Alexiou, Michael Kokkinaris

Petra Terzi studied Business and Tourism Administration, Classical studies, Life Coaching, Writing and Film Direction in AKMH Film School in Athens, Greece.
She is co-writer of the script of the feature film "49 Years After".
She has written and directed two short films,
1. "The Studio - To Belong to Yourself" (2016) concerns teen's need to belong in several groups to feel safe and powerful.
2. "Dirty Roses" (2016) is dealing with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and the war refugees in Greece.

Since 2000, Petra has been an artist promoter, a high caliber events' and film festivals' organizer in Greece and Cyprus with a vast professional background in industrial management, destination management services as well as in volunteerism.

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Writer Statement

My dream is to create a new era in cinema with the involvement of young people and the connection of the movie world with the human enlightenment and the educational community.
Movies with themes which serve the purposes of training and treatment of children and youth, to enforce positive feelings and values that are elevating the human personality.
Movies with themes that develop the critical and creative thinking of children and adolescents and contribute to forming a social conscience, to cultivate the love for the homeland, life, environment, nature, enhance the artistic, aesthetic, mental and spiritual mind.
Movies with themes which contribute to the development of feelings of acceptance the diversity of people, have anthropocentric character, to raise awareness and seek happy and intelligent dramaturgical solutions to the difficult problems of life, not to promote violence, racism, sexism, war and to bring into debate issues of the contemporary society relating to children and adolescents.