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The Jackalope

Farah Potter is a folklore junkie just returned home from active duty in the US Air Force, who takes over the family taxidermy business and makes dioramas of origin myths with rodents and insects in her free time. When she finds out that she is pregnant, her twin brother Colt, who is a self­styled investigative journalist without a paper, proposes they move into their mother’s garage. She accepts and they move to the Arizona desert, where Colt begins working as an insurance fraud claims investigator and Farah goes in search of the mythical jackalope. However, Farah soon becomes disillusioned with suburbia and the constant policing of her body by her estranged family. But when Colt introduces her to Joe Cooper, a quiet old man with stories of world travel, uncontrollable levitation, lost love and a dual life in both the circus and the clergy, Farah begins to see signs of the jackalope all around her, just as the biggest monsoon storm in decades looms on the horizon.

  • Patrick Wilder
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    Comedy, coming of age, fantasy
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    United States
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P.A. WiLDER comes from the desert.

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