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  • Leonardo Medel
  • Alex Walker
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  • Javier Barría
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  • Juan Pablo Fernández
  • Pedro García
  • Libertad Patiño
  • Daniela Chaigneau
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    3 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 16, 2016
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Artist Biography

Leonardo Medel is a film director and videoclip artist, working in Santiago de Chile. With 10 years ir experience since the first videoclip he has directed. Three movies and a fourh one coming. In 2015 que directed 10 videoclips in the project videodecálogo, a experience in which each video was filmed on a Saturday, edited on a Sunday and premiered on a Monday, with excellent critics from the specialized press.

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Artist Statement

Videoclip is the audiovisual discipline in which is most important the production of synaesthesia, in other words, videoclip is the contnous translation of a camera movement into a sound, a sound into a colour, a colour into an edit rithym, and how any of these elements is capable to produce the other one. How hearing a sound can make you listen a colour, or how a camera movement can make you see a sound. That's the whole point for me. The investigation of the translation. I make videoclips to find out the correspondences.