The Jailer Within

When your imagination becomes your reality - It can be like a golden cage.

Sophia is a woman in her twenties engaged to Raphael. Just being promoted to Chief Editor of a publishing firm in London, life seems to be perfect. Except, that she has not dealt with her past, which just doesn’t want to let go of her. As a child, Sophia had set up an imaginary world in order to escape her reality. However, it is exactly this imaginary world that now starts to take over her reality. This is a journey where it is not always clear what is real and what is imaginary. Just like in life, perception can be a tricky thing. It is an emotional journey of a woman, that had a tough childhood but is desperate to live her life. This is a journey that many will sympathise with or can relate to. When do we use our imagination to escape reality and when is it there to help us deal with it? What is our imagination and what is reality? Where are the boundaries?

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    Drama, Romance, Fantasy
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Writer Biography

When people ask me what I do I look at them and answer, “Good Question!”.
When a person calls themselves an artist, most people will think of visual art. While, I really can’t draw to save myself, that is probably the best way to describe myself.
I am an artist.
From a school girl, to an actress, to a producer, writer and director!
Having moved continents for the first time at the age of six (Europe to Australia), I have the privilege of being able to see distance as a very relative thing. I do have to admit, Skype has made that easier as well. The international feel is something that has, however, rubbed off on me, both personally as well as in my projects.
Both the German as well as the Australian culture have played a major role in forming the person I am. The German side of me is very efficient, goal driven, precise and a hard worker. The Australian side on the other hand is the more free spirit, fun and creative character in me. Possessing both these strengths, I have been able to take many different risks that have allowed me to create the projects done so far.
Already at a young age, I drove my family crazy by inventing stories and telling them to everyone as if they were real. I organised the whole class to play certain roles and brought stories to life where many of us had difficulty to realise what was fantasy and what was reality.
I studied acting in Brisbane where I was also involved in many plays, collaboratively creating shows and working under some great private tutors. Finishing my Bachelor, I then moved to London to do a one-year Meisner Course. London became a place where I experienced many great things. It was also where I began to enter the film industry, while always trying to survive as an artist.
So why did I move from acting into directing and writing? It is the love of telling stories and wanting them to come to life that made me always have an interest in writing and directing. While still living in London and working as an actress, I wrote my first feature; The Jailer Within. After I finally decided to take the challenge and focus on writing and directing, I moved to Vienna where I wrote multiple theatre pieces for both adults and children which I used in the theatre company I ran at the international schools. It was in Vienna where, apart from doing my masters, I also wrote, produced and directed 5 shorts before once again turning to the feature, The Jailer Within and reworking it to the version that it is now.

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Writer Statement

Directing and Writing gives one the opportunity to tell stories, which I find important to share. To help people believe, dream and do!