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Choking Back The Tears (old version)

Two best friends, each with his own peculiar trait, struggle to overcome their burdening inhibitions. But only if they learn to let go will they be able to save their friendship and their love.

Matthew and Reha incidentally meet one day on the Coney Island Boardwalk after Matthew ran away from his Bar-Mitzvah party. The two boys instantly befriend one another, and a close friendship is forged that very day.

Both Matthew and Reha suffer from unique predicaments caused by their respective siblings. Matthew, bullied by his brother Aaron, cannot cry in public. Instead, he mastered the ability to choke back his tears. Reha, bullied by his sister Jennifer, is unable to utter the words "I love you", consequently breaking many hearts.

Soon enough, Matthew and Reha rent an apartment together. Free at last from their siblings, they can live their life without feeling burdened by their peculiarities. Until the day Reha meets Amandine, unknowingly for the second time, and falls in love.

Amandine cannot resist the urge to act as a matchmaker. But her peculiar predicament is the result of lacking a sibling. While Reha and Amandine's relationship evolves, Matthew is left pining for Reha's company. But on Matthew's 30th birthday their friendship is put to the test. Matthew's mother dies of cancer, and even that cannot bring him to cry in public and all hell breaks loose.

18 months pass until Amandine takes the initiative to mend Reha and Matthew's friendship. She invites Matthew to their wedding and to a surprise trip to Los Angeles for Reha's bachelor party. But their reunion in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn.

Only when Reha, Matthew and Amandine learn to let go will they succeed in overcoming their own inhibitions and peculiarities, and find some peace of mind.

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    December 28, 2015
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Writer - Oren Weitz