The 7one Found Footage Short Film Contest

Our mission is to perpetuate the 7one motto, "Live Life - 7 days a week. One day at a time." by using your personal home video footage to craft a unique short centered around our message. In return you have the chance to win some cash.


An UNTITLED End is a found footage short we are using as the example piece for the launch of our Found Footage Short Film Contest! Head over to to take a look.

We made this short using personal home video footage, never intended to be used for anything in particular. We took what we had and made a story out of it centered around the 7one philosophy. Live Life - 7 days a week. One day at a time. Now we are asking you to do the same. Take your home video footage and craft a story. 1-10 minutes in length using the 7one motto. The winner gets 300 dollars. That's not bad coinage, so get Creative! Naturally you can use the extra dough anyway you see fit, equipment, food, new kicks, an inflatable doll, hey, to each his own. Apply the motto and create some art. We will display the top 3 videos on our website as part of our webisode series.

Each entry must include a brief synopsis of the footage.

Footage synopsis for An UNTITLED End: coming home from a day of recording an ending track for a documentary film we got stuck on the highway due to a severe car accident. It was me, my music composer, and my soul mate in the car. I took out my cameras to film because the shots looked cool, had a certain eeriness to them, and I wanted to test how the cameras shoot at night. The rest of the footage is compiled from my frequent trips to Guatemala that year gallivanting through the country and just enjoying all aspects of life. My cameras always seem to accompany me and because of that I was able to create this pre-apocalyptic story of love and fleeting moments as a reminder that life is short, and we never know when it could end. Only God does... So Live Life - 7 days a week. One day at a time.

The top three films will be featured on and the winner will receive a cash prize of $300.

Submissions must be 1-10 minutes in length.
The 7one motto must be used somewhere in the film.
The footage must be home video footage which is defined as anything unscripted.
A brief synopsis must accompany the short describing where the footage came from.
7one reserves the right to display/use the footage in anyway we see fit.