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Introducing DOUGLAS MARLOW, a framing Carpenter and avid jazz
player. His only Daughter, STEPHANIE MARLOW, survived her
Mother at her birth. She’s a DOWN-SYNDROME child.
Doug and Stephanie forge a powerful bond through the years
and together build a new life from rumbles. Years of
struggle and magic unfold with the development of special
talents in his special-needs child.
Little of chance, but all hard work and dedication, while
overcoming different obstacles, Stephanie polishes her talent
encouraged by Doug and her Assistant Teacher, HEATHER.
She's a wonderful independent young lady now with a full
scholarship in England with a fragile but a bright future.

  • Mike Anca
    Optioned Screenplay
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Writer Biography - Mike Anca

Mike lives in Canada and has published dramatic novels in the past, in the USA and UK. He also writes movies scripts, being optioned for production in England, UK, along with winning a golden award in USA for his script, PETER'S STORY. He raced Super-Bike motorcycles across North America for a number of seasons. Currently Mike is writing his next novel, titled VIOLATED SANCTUARIES, a paranormal high-octane thriller. He is also involved, (hands-on) as a Creative Director for a live dramatic show in development at a local avant-garde theatre group in Toronto, Canada. Helping children and adults with developmental challenges are also high-and-important points on his priority list.

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I just signed a new Rep. Contract with an US Agent for my new novel, titled DARK ALLEY.